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Constant .8-1.2kw draw... even with main panel shut off

Since my powerwall install I've been coming to understand my house's energy use, and got to wondering about what I'll call the baseline power usage that my house never drops below. It started at around 1.4-2kw, and I've managed to drop it to .8-1.2kw by changing how my furnace fan runs.

The weird thing is that, even with every single breaker in the main panel shut off, the app says the house is still constantly drawing .8-.9kw. Same is true if I shut off the single main breaker.

It seems wacky to me that anything can be using nearly 1000w when every load in the house is disabled. The only things left online with that .8-.9kw reading are the solar panels and the powerwalls, and the app's indicated load stays the same even with grid power shut off (ie, says house is taking .8kw+ from solar generation and the balance is going to power walls).

Is it just some kind of multi-minute lag in the app's display? If not, any ideas about what could be slurping down nearly 1kw when, with the house's main service panel shut off, one would expect that the house should be drawing zero?


  • I heard numbers like each Powerwall requires 500 Wh per day or about 20 W. This is used to power its electronics and the gateway electronics. With the grid attached, you could turn off the solar and the Powerwalls and see what numbers you get.

    How are you disabling all the house loads? Are you flipping every breaker off? There can be items hardwired (i.e. unpluggable), such as the doorbell transformer, and some thermostats, although both of these are very small loads.
  • My two PWs together take 500Wh each day. I'd probably go with 250Wh apiece.

    Come Summertime, I might try shutting one PW off for a few days, to see if it drops to near 250Wh. Y'all will never hear about the results, though, because this site is going to READ ONLY on March 15th.
  • Thanks Greg. I was going off memory, not a test I've done. Your 250 Wh/day per PW sounds right. That puts each PW needing 10W or so.
  • I don't know how accurate my data is. I'm just going off of the "To Powerwall" data in the app while I'm in "Backup Only", with full PWs. The "From Powerwall" data for the day is zero.

    For example, today the "From Powerwall" data was 0.6kWh. It's most often 0.5kWh. I'd take the difference between 0.6kWh and 0.5kWh to be pretty meaningless, due to the minimal precision of the measurements.
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