Solar Panels

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Panel ouput

Monitoring the real time output of my PV system and I am getting some odd numbers. On clear sunny days the output is consistent and a certain peak instantaneous value. On partly cloudy days when sun pokes thru intermittently, the output spikes considerably above the peak values of just the day before. I wonder if there is some lensing going on between clouds on the partly cloudy days that allows the output to spike well above any previous highs.


  • Your supposition about a lensing effect is spot on. Partly cloudy days, especially with a cool breeze yield the highest instantaneous output values that I ever see on my system. Typically, the solar will have peak sustained values in the 80-90% of rated capability (depending on angle, time of year, temperature...) but with the cloud lensing effect, the instantaneous output will shoot up to about 99% of rated capacity for very short periods - generally only a few minutes long.
    If you do a little digging, you will see that your selection of the term "lensing" is exactly how it is characterized by the engineers.
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