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Nailbase panels under Tesla solar roof and additional skylights

I ordered a solar roof in September 2020. Since then I exchanged a few emails with Tesla and I was originally told design would be ready in December and then the spring. I'm patiently waiting. Meanwhile I am doing additional research and I have a few questions.
Being in NJ, we have 4 seasons and I would like to improve my roof insulation As I have cathedral ceilings the best way is to insulate over the roof deck using nailbase panels.
I would like to know if anyone has experience with a Tesla solar roof installed over nailbase panels? Is the roof deck usually removed as part of the Tesla roofing process? (Picture on Tesla site seems to indicate so even though I thought it was not the case)
I also would like to add a few skylights and again am looking to hear from anyone with experience with skylights and a Tesla solar roof.
These add-ons (insulation, skylights) to a Tesla solar roof project must be designed and project managed and I am wondering how they are integrated into the process.
Did anyone get a solar roof installed in central NJ? Who was the installer? Tesla? A third-party roofing company?
Thanks for your input.


  • In my case, Tesla did not remove the wood roof decking. Then stripped the old roof and tar-paper, then used two layers of waterproofing material, that seals if you nail through it. I think this is the standard way, but if there is wood damage, they would need to replace the wood panels first.

    I have 5 skylights and one solar tube. They handled it without any problems and even painted my skylight trim black to match the roof. I suspect they are not set up to install new skylights, so that task would need to be done before the roof project. Often a skylight project needs new framing and some drywall work.
  • I wrote up my install with a time-lapse video of the install here so you can see how it is done:
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