Model X

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Model X second row leg room

I am thinking about getting a model X. If I get the 6 or 7 seat version, would that sacrifice the first or second row leg room compared to the 5 seat version.


  • No. I expect you’re asking about third row leg room. Leg room in second row is the same regardless of 5, 6 or 7 seat. Third row has more space with 6 seats, but 7 is pretty good too. Not if you’re 6 feet tall, but it’s solid.
  • With 6 seater the 2nd and 3rd row both become more comfortable as there is more lateral space for 2nd row and open space for 3rd row. When compared to 5 or 7 seater it will feel like there is a bit if a leg room trade off but not for first row, only for passengers in 2nd and 3rd row and that too only cause there is no open space like in 6 seater.
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