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Process and lessons learned

I started out with solar panels and ended up with solar roof, here's my lessons learned.

08-04-20 Placed order for roof and 1 PW.
09-30-20 Finalized design for roof and 2 PWs.
11-10-20 Permit issued.
12-20-20 Scheduled for roof tear down and install.
02-03-21 Roof tear down - sub-contractor crew of 3 took 5 hours.
02-04-21 to 02-09-20 Roof pref and underlayment by another sub-contractor.
02-08-21 Tesla Energy crew of 3 installed 2 PWs.
02-11-21 Tesla Energy crew of 3 inspected and corrected some of the roof prep work done by sub-contractor.
02-12-21 Sub-contractor crew of 3 came back to do corrections as stated by Tesla Energy inspection crew.
02-19-21 Tesla Energy crew of 15 came to unload material on roof and started some roof installation. Most of the material were dropped off in multiple days before this.
02-23-21 Tesla Energy crew finished roof installation.
02-24-21 Tesla Energy crew came back to clean up debris.
02-25-21 Tesla Energy crew came back to patch up damage and paint conduit.
02-26-21 Tesla Energy crew came back to do final check and rework of electrical before city inspection. City inspection passed.
03-01-21 Left over materials picked up.
03-05-21 New gutters installed.

Right before tear down start I got an additional charge of 1300.00 for permit and other materials, in addition to 7500.00 of roof decking upgrade. After the tear down I found out I already have the required ½ roof decking so Tesla removed the 7500.00 roof decking upgrade charge after verification by sub-contractor. I thought permit and stuff were included in installation but it is not true, I was still charged 1300.00 for permit and air vents replacement. Not a big deal but they should not make it sound like permit is included - my permit is like 750.00.

Make the Tesla install crew check your driveway and around the house for screws and nails. I walked around the house and driveway and found over 20 screw and nails which potentially will give me flat tires. There were also broken glass everywhere as the crew broke something. I got an apology from the project advisor but nothing else.

After everything is done and weather is fine I did a walk around on my property. I have redwood decks and Ipe decks around the house and I found damages everywhere probably due to Tesla crew dragging heavy equipment around. I took pictures and showed my project advisor but they have not said a thing about fixing the damage. So make sure you do a walk around after the install.

The Tesla recommended gutter installer was really slow in responding to my request and questions and I ended up with another sub-contractor recommended by the roof tear down sub-contractor using the same brand of gutters and screens, so make sure you check around if you need new gutters.

The roof looks nice from a distance but I am up close in person to part of the roof from the upper rear deck of my house, they look okay, nothing spectacular. Also, the metal part of the edge of the roof was not fabricated very nice so it kind of looks ugly, could be better but I do not want to waste my time complaining as it is only cosmetic.

There were bad workmanship here and there and I can only complain about the ones that I can see on those that matter. My project advisor raised the issue and they did come back to fix the waterproofing issues on some of the flashings. But there is still no resolution of damage to my property.

Bottom line, you need to be your own project advocate and inspect everything cause Tesla is not going to do it for you.

Also, after they commissioned the inverter, my roof was only producing 40% of estimated capacity as pointed out by the Tesla electrician. I made an issue of it as others have complained Tesla make wrong placement of tiles or outright missing tiles. Silence from Tesla so far.


  • Not sure why you're repeating the post already posted in another thread. Sorry for your problems, none of which I had. In winter you are going to get a lot less productive than in summer. I can't say if your system is producing properly or not.

    For my solar roof, now a year old, in Winter, full sun, my output is about 1/3 that of a sunny summer day. The solar rating, which Tesla and all other solar companies use, is based on all panels getting sun at the same time, at the optimum sun angle, with clean panels. It's good for comparing different quotes from different companies, but it would be unusual if you get that instantaneous output at the best of times, and about 1/2 that number is more typical in summer. Roof facings, angles, and orientation to the sun all affect your production.
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