Solar Panels

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Still Waiting for my Final Permit Inspection going on 4 months.

I had my solar panels installed on 11/20/20 and by 3/20/21 it would have been 4 months since my installation of my solar panels. My solar panels are just sitting there turned off and useless. Similar to the other threads that I have read, the Solar Company that Tesla uses is horrendous in Customer service and they have no professional business approach or execution. I have been calling the City of Rialto myself only to find that the permit department for Tesla made some modifications but failed to update the permit for the city to approve. I have made over 15 calls to Tesla to try to expedite the process but to no avail. I am very frustrated with this solar company and if I had to do it over again I would of never went with Tesla. I am ready to go to the PUC and BBB to share my complaint because this makes no sense at all, I have never seen such incompetence.


  • I heard several stories about Tesla and went with a different company for panels. I ordered on 12/31/20 and I got installation AND PTO from SDGE in 10 days.
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