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Forum Closing

Looks like the forum closes on March 15. I went to as directed by Tesla, but there is no Solar Roof forum page. You can only join a car "club". I think it's vital to continue chatting in a forum with other Solar Roof owners. I learned a lot here, and I want to continue that. Where do we go to chat if Tesla will not offer a "club" for solar roof owners?


  • There's been a couple of other threads on the topic in the Solar Panels and Energy Products fora here. The conclusion was to form Facebook groups.

    I don't do social media, because it tends to be a cesspool of lies, hate and misinformation. Don't expect me there.

    On March 15th, it will be adios, for me.
  • I am still waiting for my Solar Roof since 2017 and this forum will be missed. I have read with interest when each of you, plus TT, have responded to questions/problems. I am not into social media either since facebook wanted the birthright to my firstborn. GL all. ;-)
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