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Change in delivery time line /queue if we change our config ?

Hello ,

I have reserved a dual motor cybertruck, if I change my config to tri motor will my delivery timelines / my queue position will also be changed ? ( I placed my dual motor order within an hour after release, if i change to tri now, would i still hold this queue or will I go to end of queue in TRI ? )


  • Not sure anyone really knows. I would wait until your asked to complete the configuration then change. I've heard if you do make the change the new price for FDS will kick in.
  • If it works the same as the Model 3, you will get your configurator based on your place in line. But if you elect for single motor or dual motor, you wont actually be able to go through with the order until the truck is actually made. Tri-motor is first. Your place in line wont change, but dont take my word for it please. I say that because i added FSD at a later time and no effect on my reservation. I did reserve the dual motor but might get tri-motor. You can always change once you get your configurator.
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