Why does Tesla have so many options?

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Personally, I don't even get why Tesla even has as many options as it does. I think they should jack the price of all their vehicles by $10K and throw in all the options they now offer (Tech package, Sound Studio Package, Pano roof, Active Air suspension, Paint Armor).

In my books, the sales process of a Tesla should be a lot like buying an iPod at the Apple Store:

1) Check it out (test drive for Tesla).
2) Pick the colour.
3) Pick the capacity.
4) Pay

Not that it would ever happen, but that's the approach I wish Tesla would take. Drop that $30K goal for Bluestar/GenIII. Make it a $40K goal (after the tax rebate) and offer uncompromised fully loaded vehicles.

They'll make their sales goal whatever happens. They don't need a $30K econobox to do that. I don't think they need to be firm on $30K. High $30s after the tax rebate would still sell like hot cakes.

In the long run, I'm more worried about Tesla preserving its brand as other companies begin to shift to making EVs. At that point, just being a good ranging EV won't be enough. If 160 miles is enough for many a Model S owner today, than it'll be enough for many a future car buyer, purchasing from other OEMs. At that point, buyers will be comparing more than range. And it takes a lot longer to build or repair a brand. Tesla needs to move even further towards being a brand known for zero compromises. Tesla's differentiation, can and should come from the sales experience, an uncompromised product and the owner experience (full service maintenance, charging network, etc.). They can't rely on electrification for differentiation, forever.


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    Thanks, you would have lost Tesla a sale. I am SO happy they have options and hope they hold onto them. I could buy the car for 10K more with the 60kWh battery I need but I don't want to waist the money on the options. I have never had them on a car before and do not need/want them.
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    Sundre: +1 My thoughts exactly.
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    I question your opinion. Let's face it. You're an early adopter. You would have bought the car if it was 10K more and loaded.

    The thing is hardly anybody seems to be buying the base S with no options at all. Most at least get the Tech package and Pano roof. Such customers (who only buy the base vehicle and nothing else) are marginal at best and pointless to a company with a full year's worth of production pre-sold.

    The added benefit to Tesla would be fewer configurations, a more premium rep to their brand, and higher margins.
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    Keith, I do not want your pano roof or paint Armor. I would pay extra not to have them
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    Expect TM to increase its "optioning" of features. It has adopted a policy of "let the buyer decide". Many here think even the bundling it already does, e.g. the Tech Package, is too inclusive, and should be broken up.
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    Tesla just raised their prices by $2400. Wouldn't you rather they have had a higher price and included more in the first place?
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    The Tech Package is just bogus. Much of that should be standard. And the Model S isn't really a Premium sedan without it.
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    Keith, I did not want the pano or paint armor, and I am glad I didn't have to pay for those items. I really like the idea of keeping the base price as low as possible so more people can afford this wonderful machine. Not sure I answered your question, I guess I just like the way Tesla is handling options and pricing.
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    NO keithz you are wrong and stop trying to be ME. I almost canceled my order altogether. If they would have dropped the options I promise you, I would not have bought the car.

    I have been waiting since the 1990's for an electric car... ever since I heard about the EV1. I even called GM in 1998 and tried to buy one. Living in the Midwest I was not able to lease an EV1 so I waited.

    By your analogy I would have bought the Roadster because I can scrape up enough money to buy one. I did not. I was not interested in a two seater sports car. I'd been waiting 6 or so years, I figured a few more wouldn't kill me.

    I am not just buying the Model S because it is a BEV altho that is a very top reason for buying it. If that were the case I would have just bought a Nissan Leaf. I am buying the Model S because almost all the reviews have said it is a game changer.

    The Bluestar/GenIII is going to be the car for the masses not another car for the well off. I imagine the 30K version will be rather stripped down. My wife doesn't even like power windows and locks, "Just another thing to break". She owns a 2001 Toyota Echo with a cassette player and A/C. That is all the options it has except it is an automatic because the dealer could not find her a manual.

    What you are trying to say is that only people who have money should be allowed to purchase a BEV with real range. That is just rude and snobbish of you. You don't want anyone else degrading your choice in cars. Glad you are not running the company..... into the ground.
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    People want choice. Don't need to say more than that.
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