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New Solar System is dead!

My 90 day old 44 panels, 2 PW's is producing 0 Solar. I have to wait 3 weeks for someone to come to fix it, hopefully fixit. I paid a lot of money for this size system and I am getting buyer's remorse. To me, Telsa should care about this especially with a newly installed system and a new customer. Support has been very nice and maybe I should be grateful that I have a service appointment scheduled in 3 weeks, but to me a new customer with a dead system Telsa should have some priority on fixing this. It seems my inverters are not producing Solar. I have reset them but no power.

I am feeling pretty hopeless about this, and starting to question my $50k purchase decision. Hopefully someone from Tesla will notice this and do something.

Sorry to rant, but this really bothers me.


  • If you have two or more inverters, it is very strange to have them all fail at the same time. Are there any error messages or error indicators?

    I assume you checked the breakers for the inverters? You might try and flip them off, then on.

    Do you have Powerwalls? Very doubtful this is the case, but If the grid is off, and the Powerwalls are at 100%, it will change the frequency to force the inverters off. This is normal, as there is nowhere to send the solar energy at that time.
  • This is interesting. I think one of the inverters is operational. My 2 PW's are set to 50% but they use to charge up to 100% by noon now today at 3 pm only to 57%. Recently, Telsa tweaked the frequency of the Power Walls because during Grid outage backup some of the stuff in my house was acting strange, like ceiling fans off, lights going on, the backup was not seamless. When I came home after a short power outage the house was not normal so Tesla changed frequency claiming possible interference.

    Do you think that Tesla tweaking my frequency might have caused this?

  • Tesla likely changed the Powerwall frequency from about 65 Hz to 62.5 Hz, which they do on request. Some UPSes are sensitive to 65 Hz and act as if a power failure. This odd 62.5 Hz frequency is used to tell the inverters to turn off when the Powerwall is near 100% SOC and can't accept more power while the grid is out.

    I think in another thread you indicated the green indicator was flashing. Was that true of both inverters? It indicates the inverter is off-line, but not an error condition. I expect that would occur when a Powerwall is providing power at > 60 Hz and the grid is off. If you have a UPS, some have a display to show the frequency. It might provide a clue. Maybe Tesla set the frequency wrong? I've never heard of that happening, but it sounds like it could be possible. One inverter might be slightly more sensitive than the other, and going offline, while the other one is ok. This might not be the fault of the inverters.

    Something else to try if you're game when you have a good sunny day and you're grid powered, flip the breakers on the Powerwalls. It may take 5+ minutes, but check if either or both inverters come online. If they both come online, I suspect they are working fine, and perhaps the frequency is off somehow with the Powerwalls. I give this a very small chance of fixing it.

    Lastly, are you in an area that had major power outages due to the storms? I heard some of the power had very poor frequency regulation during some of this. I doubt this is still the case, but if the grid frequency was off, that would also temporarily kill the inverters as part of the safety requirements. Once a normal 60 Hz frequency resumes, the solar inverter should return on-line automatically within 5 minutes or so.
  • Thanks for your response. Inverter 2 is flashing green. Inverter 1 is producing power solid green. I am not sure if Inverter 2 ever produced power because until recently did not pay any attention to it. It seems I use to get in my winter 90 day since installation around 5-6 Kwh and now I am only getting about half that. I have another post where I ask how 2 inverters work? Inverter 2 just keeps flashing green.

    Also my 2 PW's used to charge to 100% from 50% by noon. Now not doing that.

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