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Scheduled Departure

I've been having a lot of problems with doing something that should be stupidly simple -- charging my car at home only between midnight and 3PM.

After multiple phone calls, text messages, and an onsite visit from a Tesla tech, it turns out that there's no way to do that.

Their new discovery is that Scheduled Departure is only designed to work up until 6AM. Yes, you can set any time of day in the interface. Yes, you can set Peak Hours to begin at 3PM. No, we can't exactly describe now this feature works but we can say that the software won't do what you're asking it to do.

And BTW, the car will always override the your settings if it decides that it can't get up to the percentage charge limit that you've set. IOW, you may think that setting peak hours will prevent charging during peak hours. Nope, we're going to keep charging because we haven't reached your preset SOC limit.

This is the same company what believes they can make full self driving work?


  • Why don’t you set it to start charging at midnight? By 3 p.m. it will be charged.

    Don’t use scheduled departure. Use scheduled charging. You need to turn off the settings in scheduled departure before it will accept the charging option.
  • @philipUK

    Yes, typically charging will complete before 3PM but not always.

    I limit my charging rate in order to extend my battery life.

    I have battery backed solar. If charging extends beyond 3PM then I'll be using my Powerwalls to charge my cars.

    Charging my cars from the Powerwalls isn't horrific but it cuts in to how much power I can have reserved for grid failures.

    We have issues with grid power. We've had unplanned outages several times in the last year. We also have 'planned' outages due to high wind conditions.

    This is completely avoidable if Tesla wrote even slightly better software.
  • Ugh, I just checked my car. It's not charging.

    Why? you may ask.

    Well, it's set for 'Scheduled Charging' to begin at midnight. The car was plugged in after midnight. So, clearly, there is no way on Earth that the user could possibly want the car to start charging. No, clearly what the user wants is to wait until next midnight before charging.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    I have opened the window for charging to begin at midnight. There is no stop time set for charging. The only condition that I can set to stop charging is SOC. It's after midnight, I unplug my car, I plug it back in -- crickets.
  • Sounds like you understand the charging capabilities pretty well. You are correct, the closest you can come to meeting your expectations is to set Scheduled Charging for midnight. Unfortunately the car will not stop charging until it meets the full charge level you set ... it does not care about 3am. Also, midnight is a trigger point, so if car is plugged in after midnight, it will wait until the next midnight to start charging. Tesla has put a lot of nice features into the software. This is not one of them. GM did a much better job where they essentially allow you to set up your time of use schedule with a couple of charging start and stop windows.
  • From a manual, not sure if things have changed:

    Scheduled Charging: When you set a scheduled charging time, Model S displays the set time to begin charging when you are parked at the scheduled location. If, at the scheduled time, Model S is not plugged in at the location, charging starts as soon as you plug it in, provided you plug it in within six hours of the scheduled time. If plugged in after six hours, charging does not start until the scheduled time on the next day. To override this setting, touch Start Charging or Stop Charging. When you set a scheduled charging time, Model S displays the set time on the instrument panel and touchscreen.
  • I am confused as to why you can’t use Scheduled Departure for your purpose.

    SD has two time settings:
    1. The departure time.
    2. The time where low electricity price will end.

    Though I haven’t tried it, it seems to me that setting (2) to 3 pm would accomplish the task.
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