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Frustration poor customer service

Tesla knew my PGE bill has multiple address. This was a problem in the beginning of the application process and continues to be a problem now. I called PGE and Tesla has not submitted the application for PTO. My Tesla Advisor knew or should have known this information because it was an issue before. I called Tesla billing and they say the information is correct. I called Tesla today and they indicated the multiple address was the problem and the information needs to be entered manually. Tesla has the correct address and meter identification.

Tesla has failed miserably at providing quality customer service. There is a degree of incompetence with my Advisor. It now appears I will have to wait another month or more to get PTO. This lost time is costing me money in addition to the $20k system cost just sitting there doing nothing. I am going to file a formal complaint with Tesla. Then BBB and PUC.


  • Sorry about your problems. It seems you knew from the start your unusual billing was going to be a problem that would screw up any solar installation/PTO. Once your address complexity is worked out at Tesla, I'd expect you should get the PTO in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I was lucky, but PGE only took us 6 days to get the PTO, but that was pre-COVID.
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