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Charging outside hot weather.

Hello,have a question,is it safe to leave the car charging outside in hot weather 120°. Im going to be using Mobile Connector that comes with the car. The car is going to be outside the driveway and was thinking leaving in plugged in and im sure the cable is going to get how for being outside. Would it be safe or better to connect it every night? I'll problaly be driving it twice a week.


  • I have had the mobile connector stop for an overhead error when the "box" was in full sun. Moving it to the shade fixed it. I imagine just putting a towel over it would work as well.
  • Speaking as a Phoenix resident, it’s not an issue. The car will keep the battery cool, and as long as you keep the mobile connector in the shade, everything will be fine.

    The best approach is probably:
    1. Set your charge limit to 80% if you can deal with the slightly lower range. LiIon batteries generally don’t like to be near fully charged at high temperatures.
    2. Set charging to start at night-say, midnight. You won’t have to worry about sun on the mobile connector, it’ll be a bit cooler, and the electric grid will be less stressed. That way, you won’t have to worry about unplugging/plugging every day.
  • Battery charges optimally at 120 degrees. That’s the preconditioning goal. In those ambient temperatures, will probably require cooling.
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