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Three gateways?

History: Existing vintage 2018 Tesla solar system with Solar City Inverter (ABB) and Solar City small gateway box that sometimes worked. Tesla swapped my SC gateway box for a newer small black gateway box that seemed to work but displayed NO SIGNAL like the old one.

Tesla recently added a newer system consisting of more panels, a SolarEdge inverter, a PW, a Tesla gateway and gave me a second small black gateway box that seemed to work but also displayed NO SIGNAL.

In the Tesla app I can switch between two systems: the original system that shows only power produced by the original panels and updates the graph every 15 minutes and the newer system that sums the old system with the new system and displays the standard 4 quadrant Power Flow data and full Energy Usage graph.

Seems I have 3 gateways - 2 small black Tesla boxes and one large white Tesla gateway. I pulled an internet cable to the garage, connected a hub and have both small black Tesla gateway boxes within a few feet of all the hardware.

Using the app, I am unable to switch to seeing just the new system data. To see what the newer system is producing, I have to view the combined systems data and subtract the old system data.

Should I be able to view the new system data by itself?

I hope this makes sense.



  • You've got two different kinds of "Gateways": two little Communication Gateways that are about 4" x 4" x 1", and one Tesla Energy Gateway (TEG) that's the size of a main electrical panel, and came with the Powerwalls. (You know this, but others may not.)

    The Com Gateways get data from the inverters (and Powerblasters, if so equipped) via ZigBee RF, and send it to the Tesla servers via your home wired network.

    The TEG gets data from current transformers, and sends it to the Tesla servers via house WiFi, Ethernet, or the AT&T cellular data network.

    You've probably got a single tap-point on your main utility feed that was added for your new-ish Tesla Energy Gateway (TEG) interface. There's probably two current transformers (or CTs for short), clamped onto the legs of your utility 240V feed wired to this large TEG. Since everything in the house flows through that single "funnel" to the utility, it's likely that there's no practical way to split out and provide data for your separate systems within a single instance of the Tesla app, unless Tesla writes some specific software to do so. All the data needed appears to be flowing to the Tesla servers, but with such a small demand for what you want, I suspect you're out of luck, except for aggregated data for the whole thing.

    It wouldn't hurt to call Customer Support, but be advised that the front-line techs (while quite knowledgeable) probably aren't equipped to handle such a relatively complex request. "Escalation" to a higher-skilled engineer might be in order.
  • Thanks gregbrew for the timely and thorough explanation - as always. I hate to see this forum close to new input.

    It seems that my data could utilize two gateways. Perhaps the third is not needed?
    Also, both small gateways have No Signal illuminated but my Tesla app shows data as described above. Perhaps they are communicating through my neighbors gateways as all my neighbors (>100) have Tesla solar (provided by the builder).
  • The "neighbor path" has been reported here before, so it's a definite possibility. The data is tagged with a specific installation's serial numbers, so it can still properly go to your account for reporting.
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