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Model X Tire Services

I was looking at a few articles about the services I need to perform for my Model X tires. When I looked for Rotations, I got mixed answers. Some were saying that the tires don't need to be rotated, and others were saying that they do. Can someone please clarify?


  • Own a 2019 MX purchased in mid-August of 2019.

    I keep the tires at 45 psi.

    I prefer to rotate the tires though I've read the postings of some that say it's not necessary. Seems antithetical.

    Thus, I rotate the tires every 5,000 miles - from driver's side to passenger side and back again since the rear tires are wider than the front tires . . . precluding one from doing the more conventional "X" rotation.

    I gauge the tires every time I rotate and anticipate getting 28,000 to 30,000 miles on the Conti tires before needing to replace based upon present mileage and tire wear. Front tires tend to reflect a little more wear due to the weight of the car and the effect of stopping.
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