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SolarEdge Screenless inverter

I just had two of these installed one is blinking green never seems to product any energy. How do I get the a display screen to check to see if how it is connected, etc.

Why did Tesla install screenless Inverters?

Do I need to download the MySolarEdge app and use that?????

I am trying to find out why this inverter never produces energy???


  • I have two7600HD Solaredge inverters, one is the old style that shows production numbers on a screen the other is newer and does not have that feature. I don’t know why Solaredge chose to eliminate the screen, at any rate, if you have a Zigby wifi hooked to your inverter and have the Soleredge app with your account you get updates of production at 15 minute intervals.
  • ZigBee (not WiFi) is a proprietary RF protocol used to communicate between the inverter and the little Communications Gateway box, and then to the Tesla servers via the home *wired* network. WiFi is never a part of the com pathway unless you've got Powerwalls and a TEG.

    Any com with a Solaredge app is separate from that, but I understand that some can see their data that way.
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