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Consumer Reports at it again. Autopilot Capabiity and Performance better than Super Cruise

In the February 2021 issue of Consumer Reports, Tesla's Autopilot is better than any other of the 17 systems tested for Capability, Performance, and Ease of Use - the most important categories to most people. Autopilot is available in every car Tesla makes.

GM's Super Cruise did best in Keeping the Driver engaged and handling an unresponsive driver. It did rank one of the worse for Ease of Use. Super Cruise is only available in the Caddilac CTS and is planned to be rolled out in other models later this year.

CR gave less value to Capability, Performance, and Easy of Use than other categories, and oddly valued Super Cruise highly because "it can be used only on premapped, divided highways", which is a big limitation compared with Autopilot. That let Super Cruise eke out the top overall score with Tesla taking the #2 slot. Others were way behind.

Consumer Reports also rated Tesla's Lane-keeping as better than anyone else.

All of this with Tesla's existing FSD package, not the new 4D FSD in beta.


  • But Consumers says the exact opposite of what you claim above. How is this possible?
  • Consumer Reports jumped the shark years ago.

    I met Jake Fischer as CES a few years ago at the Autonocast Party ... not impressed.
  • It has always been better. Categories in which Super Cruise was better have nothing to do with software functionality.
  • @RUSirius - > @RUSirius said:
    > But Consumers says the exact opposite of what you claim above. How is this possible?

    Odd, the link and printed article confirm exactly what I stated. I guess someone needs learn how to read.
  • Get it out of your system, FishEV. Your days of trolling the Tesla enthusiasts are almost over.
  • A day and a half to go, Hallelujah.
  • I think this can be chalked up to CR becoming activist and trying to use what little regard and influence it has to force Tesla to do video surveillance of drivers instead of the “steering torque” method. Tesla is apparently already doing this for the FSD beta. Basically, Tesla kicked the behinds of all the other systems in all the meaningful, functional categories that matter and failed on driver engagement. In my opinion, CR lost their way years ago and it was never more clear than in this article.
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