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Tesla App data issues

Hi folks, after a long and excruciating experience to get my solar panels installed and running, it's finally here. I'm a bit disappointed by app, I thought that the version without powerwall would also show the powerflow (my brother inlaw has another provider, and they show the produced energy and also how much you pulled from the utility) That was a bummer, but not the end of the world.

But, boy this app has data issues. My app has a terrible lag of hours to display any data, sometimes it just zeroes the chart, and then hours later it catches up. I noticed the black box often get a "no server" or "no internet" even though there's internet for that box (I set my router to log all activity of it, and gave it a static ip to avoid DHCP renewals and set it to higher QoS) and still that thing seems to not be able to connect to the tesla backend servers.

Anyone else has a bad experience overall with the app? Should I just let go and reap the economic benefits and forget about checking my solar output production :)



  • Move the little Communications Gateway box to be line-of-sight with the inverter. Use a power-line wired Ethernet extender if you have to. This has solved com problems for many solar-only customers.

    You also might call Tesla and ask that a "Powerblaster" ("Neurio", really) be installed, or at least sent to you, because you were promised to be able to see consumption as well as production data.

    Tesla Customer Support

    1-877-961-7652 (Found to work as of 10/30/20)
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