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Scheduled charging

New Model 3 standard range plus.
Two questions 1) scheduled charge start option is greyed out and seems unavailable? Is this normal? 2) I want to use my off peak energy tariff so I get that you put the end of tariff time in and a trip leaving time. But what if I don’t really know when I might be driving car (over next few days) and just want to top the battery up. Will the car waste a load of energy warning up for a leaving time I’m not actually planning on doing?



  • @Tim_Jones2021

    1. Go into settings for scheduled departure and turn off both optionally settings (can’t remember what they are).

    Scheduled charging will then not be greyed out.

    2. If you don’t know when you are departing, it’s better to leave it on scheduled charging using your cheap rate power supply. The car will be topped up when you want to use it and you can heat it up or cool it down from the app about 20 minutes before you leave.

    Hope that helps.
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