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Steering Wheel Off Center.

My steering wheel is off center since I got it. It doesn’t need an “alignment “, the steering wheel just needs to be calibrated anti-clockwise a bit. I scheduled a service appointment and it’s showing a change of $113 for me to accept. I picked up the car on 3/6 so I doubt I will be charged. Have you all seen this before? And will they waive that charge to remedy the issue?


  • Tesla schedule invoices will frequently show the expected charge for the service. When it is determined to be a warranty repair, the charge is removed from the invoice.
    A steering wheel off center is a warranty repair.
  • Mine came exact same way. I took it in to have it looked at. And it was that the alignment was off. After they fixed it my steering wheel was centered. The invoice said 156 bux. But being I just got the car the fee was waived.
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