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Anyone home?

I see that the forums are now read only, but I'm still here. Anyone else?


  • Yep.
  • ● Without a doubt.
  • Yes
  • Yessir
  • Ok cool. Bonus time!
  • Welcome to the after party. 😎
  • Shhh! Don't tell Fish
  • Quiet as a mouse.
  • Maybe my wish came true.
  • A wonderful drama free day, looking forward to many more.
  • I am curious as to why this is happening. Any theories?
  • A second chance? We'll see.
  • The cool kids got invited to the after party. 😎
  • There is no longer a flag/abuse button so I hope the FUD posters are not coming back
  • I assume they would be here if they could.

    I just don't know if the current access is accidental, random, or deliberate.
  • > @lbowroom said:
    > I assume they would be here if they could.
    > I just don't know if the current access is accidental, random, or deliberate.

    I would assume deliberate and behave accordingly. We can do some good here by pushing good information, without drama, to the top.

    Keep it real. 😉
  • Head and shoulders favorite car I’ve ever owned. Stealth P3. My carpool lane sticker will expire at years end though….. So I ordered a Plaid 🤣
  • Funny, our primary motivation to get a new car was to be carpool lane eligible so we bought a CMax Energi back in 2013 (the S was a larger car than we wanted). When the sticker ran out on the Energi we bought our Stealth 3 and now that we are both retired we no longer care about a sticker really.

    The 3 truly drives like it is on rails, we both love the solid feel and handling and it is the perfect size for us.
  • I am torn. Arguable I could be better served by getting another P3 to maintain my carpool lane access. However, I am attracted by the opportunity to own a rocketship on wheels that brings me to consider the Plaid S. Will I regret the expenditure 3 years from now? Hard to know. I have 4-11 weeks to sort it out.
  • I've had my M3 LR since June '19. Best car I've ever owned (except for the TR6 but that's another story). It has more than enough power for me - any more and I'd get into deep trouble. Would like to have something a little easier to get in and out of and carry a bit more gear, but the look of the MY doesn't do it for me. There's always the MS, but at twice the price of the M3 it seems a bit much. I do like the idea of having a rocket boost tho.
  • If the concept of regretting expenditures is part of the decision the decision of which direction to go would be a no brainer for me, but I am frugal by nature. The flip side is you can't take it with you when you go so enjoy what your money can buy you while you can just don't run out of money before you go. 🤣
  • Interesting. This forum shutdown seems to have been overrated.
  • 🤣 🤣 🤣
  • Are we just the only ones who bothered to check?
  • I wonder if the Trolls will show up?
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