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Reboot your Tesla

Your Tesla is not only a car but it is a computer. If you think something is wrong with your Tesla the first thing I recommend trying is reboot the car. Rebooting is done by pushing in on both scroll wheel buttons found on the steering wheel. You have to hold the buttons in for a what seems like a long time (less than a minute, I think). First the display screen will go dark (if it isn't already) then when the "T" Tesla logo shows up on the screen the car is rebooted and you can stop pushing on the buttons.

Check your owners manual to learn more about rebooting.


  • Closer to 15s, you can let go when the screen goes black. Important thing to note, the screen does not control the car. All those systems are separate and redundant. You don’t have to worry about the car cutting power, or brakes, or steering. The screen will be black so you won’t see the speedo or hear the turn signals, but they are still fully operational, as are the headlights and tail lights.
  • Full procedure for screen reset and power cycling is found on page 50 & 51 of the most recent owners manual. Good call on not having to hold in until T appears. Many have said, in the past, you also have to push on the brake pedal which is also not found in the description in the manual.
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