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Why are there so many stories about bad customer service?

Tesla has a different business model than most car companies. Car companies struggle to make a profit and big ones have gone bankrupt and others are close. Dealers sell the cars for little profit knowing you will come back for expensive service. EV's (well Tesla's anyway) hardly need any service at all over the long haul so the old business model will not work for EV's.

The biggest complaint I read about is that it is difficult to phone anyone in service and get attention. Tesla's approach is that service is scheduled via an app on the phone via written message. This is a huge time saver that enables a streamlined operation that focuses on actual issues with the car. A phone call can take a long time before understanding is achieved. We all like to talk and tell stories but when interacting with a service person it consumes a lot of their time with unnecessary information. By writing down a concern it creates a filter that saves everyone a lot of time.

Once you message Tesla with your service needs they get back to you and dialog is clear and documented via text. It takes some getting used to for some people but it works very well.

One huge advantage Tesla offers is many service issues can be taken care of right at your home or place of business. That's right they can come to you. Tesla's mobile service is the bomb and they do an excellent job. I like it so much that I had them come out and put new tires on our car, when we needed them, right here at home.

I have been a prolific member of this forum for several years and I can assure you that actual, verifiable, stories of bad service are far and few between. Sure every once in a while things go bad but we are all human and we all make mistakes once in a while.
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