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what are you do if you have model S in your country and what are u do if you want buy the dream car but you dont have money,it was very sad?


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    that makes no sense
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    You buy stock in the company and hope it succeeds. Then you can sell the stock and buy the Bluestar/GenIII when it comes out.

    Start saving now! I started saving almost 10 years ago. That's why I can afford one.

    I think it's sad when people cry they can't afford something they never even tried to save for. Sometimes things work out and you get the prize (yah Model S). Sometimes life gets in the way. Pick yourself up and try again.
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    Well put @Sundre! I have been following and saving for Tesla Model S since 2006! Getting mine Feb/Mar!
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    Yes well said Sudre. I was a teacher and now am an administrator in a high school. Some of the teachers know that I am getting a Model S and ask how I can afford it. I tell them I've been saving since I first heard of the company when I student taught 7 years ago. They never seem to believe me, but save what you can when you can and good things can happen.
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