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For the amount of money we are paying, we should be getting



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    NO FLOOR MATS!...........COME ON Elon!

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    Let me just say this. I was not referencing anything to do with Tesla customer service or delivery. Nor was I making excuses for Tesla. Of course they can do better. Chalk it up to growing pains, obviously. I'm not saying that you can just say "oh, that's just growing pains" and let Tesla slide on by. But, on the other hand, if you thought that Tesla was going to nail it 100% from production of the car from scratch (pretty much) all the way to delivery, well then you really have quite an unrealistic view of the world and the way that it works.

    You realize that Tesla has hired some amazing personnel for the job, right? First you have Franz who designed the car. Personally, I think he nailed it, but that's just my own opinion on aesthetics. Then you have the obvious superstars Elon (who many have compared to the late Steve Jobs) and George (you probably know as the guru behind the wildly successful apple stores). Then you have Gilbert (met him in that megafactories video) who led manufacturing for Toyota or something like that. I don't know him but his resume looks pretty darn impressive. In any case, my point is this - you bring all these "superstars" (if you will) together with tons of experience in their former jobs and you still can't nail it down 100%? If anything, I think it's indicative of the herculean task that Tesla is undertaking.

    So go ahead, tell me that I drank the kool-aid. Tell me that I'm a fanboy. I'm not, by the way - the day I get my car, I will likely leave this forum without a look back. I'm a stock holder myself and of course I realize that it's a business. I want Tesla to be just as successful as you do, because if they win, I win. But you missed the entire point. DJP (above) said it perfectly. For the amount of money we are paying, we should be getting exactly what we are getting. I am not disputing that the car could be better. Would I enjoy parking sensors? Adaptive cruise control? Grab handles? Sure I would. I've never had two out of the three but I can imagine how it would augment my driving experience. On the other hand, Tesla never said that they were going to be included to begin with. And even though you may call these lack of amenities "dealbreakers," I believe/hope that you will probably go through with your purchase anyway. Because the car speaks for itself, it's awesome. And if they truly are dealbreakers, well then perhaps you should wait for Model S 2.0. Because even though you may be so quick to be critical of Tesla for lack of communication, I don't have a doubt in my mind that they are listening and taking notes.

    Back to my original intent. I remember some guy came on here a while ago and said something along the lines of "for x amount of dollars, I DESERVE y." I don't remember what exactly x and y were, but this is the type of attitude that I was addressing. Some other poster had beat me to the punch, stating that he didn't DESERVE anything. Again, just because your wallet is wide open doesn't mean the world is yours. The only people that really deserve anything are the people at Tesla. Why? Because they built the darn thing. We, on the other hand, are just the end consumers. Tesla is offering a product for a specified sum of money. Take it or leave it. If you want your perfect car with all the doodads that you want, then perhaps you should be starting up your own car company. Good luck though. Because if Tesla is making some missteps along the way, I am certain that you will do no better.
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    @tork, "So go ahead, tell me that I drank the kool-aid. Tell me that I'm a fanboy. I'm not, by the way - the day I get my car, I will likely leave this forum without a look back."

    I have my car and I'm back here still, I find it helpful to share and get information about the car after purchasing. I don't think you will disappear altogether... ;)

    Heck, I'm still looking for reputable installers for things, idea's for rear floor mats, advice on Homelink, share stories of being on the road in my Model S... it doesn't end at delivery, it's just a sweeter forum after the fact because your no longer waiting on pins and needles! :D
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    Vawlkus | January 9, 2013

    <i>I agree with Tork, all to often those whining for X feature just sound like entitled twat donkeys to me. Some do have legitamite concerns, but most are just bellyaching.<I>

    <i>How is that relevant? I stated I agree with Tork, and added my opinion. How is saying that people are following through on purchases pertinent?<i>

    <i>People are complaining about features they KNEW they weren't going to get, some threatening to cancel their orders. That to me is immature temper tantrums like my young nephews throw. I'm sorry if you don't like that, but it's still how I perceive such complaints, and still my opinion of them.<i>

    Well I disagree. Most of the posts I've read were by sincere people making relevant points. You post sounds like the temper tantrum to me.
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    Lest anyone misconstrue what I said, I love the concept, the car and the company. I am willing to put up with a few inconveniences to own this vehicle. I understand that growing pains are part of the deal. But I do expect TM to be correspondingly appreciative of my business and to try very hard to set a high service standard. Anything else and they will have a hard time getting return, or even new customers in the long run. Full disclosure: my experience with TM is very limited-- I am finalizing my configuration this week. I have high expectations, and I think they will be satisfied or exceeded.
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    As I said elsewhere, TM nailed it from design to delivery. At the lower level of production; it hasn't "scaled". Yet. Try multiplying your company's output (keeping the same staff/client ratio, and training level) 5x in one quarter! (5 doublings = 32x). Unthinkably difficult. If they've caught up the slack in a year's time they'll have completed a Herculean task.
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    typo: Try doubling your company's output ...
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