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Time delay between factory pickup vs home delivery?

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What is the time delay have you experienced or been told between factory pick up vs home delivery? Particularly interested in those within California.


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    I've been told that since I'm in the Bay Area, tesla wouldn't need to use a third party to do home delivery for me, so there wouldn't be a significant time difference between picking it up vs. having it delivered. If you're close enough to the factory, they're apparently willing to just stick it on a small flatbed and bring it themselves.
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    I'm thinking if it's just a day or two difference for me being in Southern California (i.e. Irvine), I'll take home delivery. If I get it a week sooner with factory delivery, I'm definitely going that route.
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    I was told my Model S was loaded on the truck Dec 31. Delivered to my driveway in Northern VA Jan 9. (For the East coast folks).
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