Portable batery pack extra 20miles

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I have little idea, Tesla can make extra portable batery(low weight) which can be used in emergency like to have 3galon gas tank in the trunk.
Simply conecting in the trunk area one or two batery pack. To use extra power car will be in some software economy mode max 50mph no A/C no stereo (only Navi) which will give another 10 or 20miles extra.
To use the driver must stop the car and turn on some switch in the trunk are (to prevent using extra distance power during normal use) In some Gas stations later can be those batery pack for exchange or buy or rent).
Good to have one in the midle highway or forest road or trip to hospital with no power (or no time to charge) becouse there is no option to call friend and say Hey bring me el.power here :) meaby if hi have el.generator, then can halp you...

If the Tesla car didnt think about it there is my idea... I see the document in TV on Nat.Geo chanel at Megafactories and i really like that car and later my friend told me tha his father allready pay downpayment for the S model whem visiting US Florida.

So dear TESLA if you like my idea you can give me thank you meaby this way free car :)

With best regards Richard NOGA Czech Rep. (18.1.2013 at 8:05am) [email protected]


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    Because the difference in environmental conditions and driving style and what not, a 20 mile back up pack may not really be a 20 miles for everyone at any time.

    How is this any different from just noticing when you are very low on remaining battery and driving more conservatively? The UI even warns you if your remaining battery power is getting low.

    This idea is like having an extra gas tank, which really isn't much different from just making a bigger gas tank in the first place.

    I really think this would just add an extra complication with little benefit.
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    I like your idea of an emergency power pack. What about a battery pack that could be plugged into the charge port and in a short time charge the car batteries up enough for say 10-20 miles?
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    Bad idea. Same as a bigger battery. The answer is to know and manage your resources.
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    @ Pungoteague_Dave & Olanmills;

    ++ 1 1

    Unless you routinely run out of fuel in your current ICE by not being able to find the handle on your fuel needs. Not much benefit here.
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