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Non-tech fog lights????

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Does non-tech version have fog lights? If so, how are they different? I know tech has LED foglights, but do these replace what is there, addition to standard foglights, etc.? Any help is much appreciated.


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    FYI - this was answered in another thread.

    The non-tech version does not have foglights. There may be wiring behind the scenes, but no light and no option to select fog lights within settings.
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    You sure? I thought fog lights were mandatory in certain markets.
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    I think non-tech does have fog lights, they just are not LED. A bit like it does have rear view camera, it just isn't HD.
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    There are no fog lights - this is directly from stevenmaifert, who has his 60kWh:

    "There are no fog lights. There is a smokey grey lens covering the assembly where the fog lights would be. If you peer in with a flashlight, you see an amber refector angled sideways (90 degrees from centerline), and the hole where the fog light would go that is plugged with a plastic blank. I wouldn't be surprised if the wiring was there, but that's a question for the service techs. I also don't have the Fog button as depicted on Pg. 8 of the Owner's Guide."
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    I can assure everyone that my non-tech MS does not have foglights. If you look at the foglight assembly in this TM picture of MS: and compare it to the picture of my MS (the white one) at this thread on TMC: you can see the difference in the assembly.
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    @Vawklus fog lights are definitely not mandatory in the US. Many cars, even new cars, in the US don't have them and they are often (if not always) a paid upgrade.
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    My tech MS 85 has the additional amber turn signal on the triangular light just in front of the side mirrors. That shines bright white when I turn the steering wheel in that direction with headlights on to help light where I am going. Is this directional lighting feature also on the non-tech? It's a great feature that's very useful.
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    @Jim2855 - I've had my non-tech MS out at night several times now and purposely made tight turns to see if any additional lighting came on. It did not. I will say though, that the field of illumination from the Halogen headlights is quite wide and I didn't have any difficulty seeing in my direction of turn.
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    Then I guess non-tech does have fog lights where it is mandatory (like in some places in Europe), and not where it isn't mandatory.

    Question could be changed to "is the non-tech fog light LED where it is required by law?"
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