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cold feet after test drive in the snow- please reassure me

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Hey everyone

I just test drove a model s with 19 inch all weather tires, performance model during a light snow storm with some snow on the ground.

First the good. As everyone has said the car is incredibly stylish, their is plenty of storage and looks solidly constructed. It handled great in the snowy icy conditions. For a first drive of a car i felt quite coincident it its controls.

Now my issues. A 6' 2" and a tall torso i don't sit comfortably with the sun roof. I wasn't planning on getting the sun roof so no big deal. I've had this problem with most cars. Without the sunroof, i fit fine. However i felt the view out the rear window was horrid. I've seen very little discussion about this. Also as the snow came down it accumulated on the rear window. I had turned on the rear defrost and the tesla rep claimed she might have flipped it off. I drive a z4 with amazing site lines so this really bothers me. Have others had concerns? Is it like the prius where u get used to it? I can se driving with the rear camera on even if that is possible.

I am also concerned about energy usage. I couldn't tell anything as the battery was warming up. It showed an average use of 575 and i was driving very conservatively with the dash under 20kw. That number seemed odd is 20 = 200 that would seem ore in synch since i was drive around 30 mph.

My galaxy nexus also wouldn't pair. we tried two cars, both found each other, gave the code and then crapped out.

Finally, if u look at electricity lost charging, short trips driving in the cold, the need to heat the battery and cabin how much energy r we really saving over an efficient ice. I realize the tesla is much more than. An ecobox but i do want some energy savings. When u look at cost, i pay 16 cents per kwh and gas in nj is relatively cheap, so all the extra wasted energy kills the bottom line. Of course no paying ales tax on an 80k vehicle is huge.

All thoughts welcome. i appreciate the feedback. Please excuse any typos, this was typed on a tablet.


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    Btw i am res #15891 and received my finalize notice last Tuesday night in case anyone is tracking that
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    camp - I drive with the rear camera on most of the time. I live in San Antonio so can't comment on snow, though it does beg a question about the omission of a rear wiper. Aerodynamics perhaps?

    I have been driving this thing pretty hard and am in the 375Wh/mile right now. I have no range anxiety as I simply plug in every night and top off. I guess if I needed to drive >200 continuous miles frequently I might pause - it can do that easy without compromise in good weather, but in snow/rain, hot/cold, winds it might be a challenge w/o supercharging access. BTW, all those environmental issues have some affect on ICEs - a 30 mph headwind is a 30 mph headwind.

    You might try this app to fuss with different scenarios for usage and see if it helps you.

    It is a FANTASTIC car. Stay the course.
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    Thanks. Will follow your link and read up.
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    Lifetime to date of 800 mies I have averaged 318 Kw/m, and as low as 260 for individual trips. It has been very cold in ny some days and about freezing others. I have 19" nokian R tires which are LRR snows.
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    campsalvage: iPhone works just fine :-). I am 6"2 as well with a Model S 85 with Pano. No issues.
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    I haven't had trouble with the rear window, but the defrost should stay on in the snow. Backup cam could be a good option there though.

    On the view through the back, I'm 6'1" and think the visibility would be improved if the seat could go just a tad lower. I plan to continue to play with my seat settings, but where I find the most comfort and forward visibly also gives me a slightly cut-off (top) rear-view.

    But the car is excellent and I've no concerns about fine tuning here. I haven't had it long enough yet to be "done" with settings.

    For the snow, I've driven in the recent light dc snows with little trouble. It's rear wheel drive, so there is the same you'd feel in a BMW or other RWD. If you live somewhere with typically frequent snows in the winter you probably should look into winter tires during the season. But for infrequent/light snow, the all weather should be fine.

    No probs connecting iPhone to the car. Was all set up with phone and garage within minutes through the easy setup.
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    I thought that the sunroof provided more headroom, not less. Not to hijack the thread entirely...

    As someone mentioned, the read view camera on whenever you want is a good feature with limited visibility via the small rear window.

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    I find driving with the rear-view camera on really helps, and I have gotten used to the tight view out the back window. Plus, I always look over my shoulder whenever changing lanes and the sight lines out the back seat windows is excellent.

    RE: Driving with rear-view camera on, it is fantastic during daylight hours, but perhaps I have some night blindness, as I find driving with it at night is difficult with the headlights on the cars behind me. In other words, the headlight glare through the camera presents a difficult-to-discern image on the touchscreen, but maybe I will adapt, too. However, of late, I simply do not use the rear camera at night and just rely on using my eyes to look around.

    FWIW, this is the most fun car I've ever driven. I think you will love it.

    Proud Tesla Owner
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    From the Owner's Guide: "Rear window heater warms up the rear window and exterior mirrors for 15 minutes, then shuts off."

    The restricted field of view out the rear window takes some getting used to. I find myself referring to the side mirrors more that ever.
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    Hi all.

    I have not posted before, but I have had my MS Sig Per since the beginning of November. I think that I was one of the first 400 cars delivered and certainly one of the first in the NYC metro area. I have two other cars, and when I got the S, my plan was to drive it through the winter to figure out which car to sell. One is a convertible sports car and the other is an all-wheel drive Lexus IS-250. My plan was to get four good snows on mounted 19" rims, which I did, replacing the 21's for the winter. If the car was good in the winter, I would keep my convertible and if not, I would keep the AWD IS=250. Net net, I am selling the Lexus because there has been enough snow driving with the Tesla that I am convinced that it is a good winter car AS LONG AS YOU GET 4 SNOW TIRES.

    This past week, for 3 days the temperatures stayed from 15 down to 10 and everything worked fine. The battery looses power while it sits, but not as bad as the algorithm initially predicts when I get in the cold car. The algorithm that estimates mileage assumes the remaining battery life based on the warmth or coolness of the battery at that time, so as the battery warms up, the mileage actually goes up.

    Handling in the snow is excellent and much better than I would have thought any 2 wheel drive car could have.

    I have not noticed a problem with the rear window.

    As a very early adopter, I expected certain things to be missing that would get added through software upgrades. This has been the case and many of the items I have hoped for have happened. But the one item I am dying for is the iphone ap that will allow me to turn on the car to warm it up. When I am at the office and have to get into a 20 degree car, that sucks and the performance is compromised until it warms up. But I have been assured that this is coming soon.

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