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Want to show off your Model S in Reno Feb 7th?

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Hi All:

I'm NV Energy's Electric Vehicle Program Manager and I planned on displaying my Model S at Directions 2013.
Unfortunately, it isn't going to be here till March. This is a big deal - our Governor will be there along with many of our state's policy makers. We want to show how far EVs have come.

If you would be willing to come up for the event and display your Model S Thursday morning (Feb 7th), we would cover your room cost, get your car washed, and throw in two lift tickets. Make it a long weekend and go skiing in Tahoe!

See link for info:

Your car will be inside the GSR at our booth. Your choice if you want people inside it or not.

We can get you charged up at our 30A charging stations or get you hooked up to a 40A outlet right outside the Grand Sierra Resort. I can also help you get charged up in Tahoe.

PS - Sorry for the repost - I'm running out of time.

Travis Johnson
[email protected]
775.813.5770 cell


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    would be happy to help you. sadly not in town that day. Good luck. I've tweeted it out, hopefully someone responds. Cheers.

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    Hi Travis:

    Very great offer! I'll need at least a couple of months to clear up my schedule so I am very much disappointed for finding this event so late!

    I am pinching myself because I will miss driving my Tesla Model S from Orange County, CA up north to you via 5 Tesla Superchargers for a 625 mile trip.

    Good luck!
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