Community Action - Letter to the Mayor

Recently sent this letter to the Mayor of Dade County (County Executive). Hope this inspires others...

The mayor could save operating costs (and insulate the county budget from oil price shocks) and reduce pollution by introducing regulations requiring that the county replace its entire auto fleet over a period of four years with plug in hybrid or battery electric vehicles. All vehicles purchased by the county would be required to be assembled in North America and at least 55% North American parts content, so as the taxpayers money will be used in a way that helps american workers and not worsen the trade deficit.

Several american made vehicles would qualify under these regulations including the Chevy Volt and Ford C-Max Energi for general purpose vehicles and the Tesla Model S for executive vehicles and police cars. Charge points could be installed at county facilities and powered in part by solar canopies, slashing the county fuel bill and making a major positive impact on the county's carbon footprint. Electric vehicles are now less expensive and have no range issues as the county fleet could be recharged in the parking lots as county employees go about their work at various county facilities. The Tesla Model S offers our officers superior performance and plenty of space for their gear, it has faster acceleration than a Ferrari and cost less than half and most importantly is completely silent for stealth work.

I do hope that the Mayor will introduce this regulation for the financial and environmental well being of the taxpayers and citizens of Dade County. Its long term cost savings and environmentally friendly aspects would likely be popular with the County Commission as well.

Best Regards,
City of Miami

More charge points for county vehicles will not hurt the situation for Tesla Drivers even if they are primarily for Volts and C-Maxs, counties could allow residents to charge up while paying their property taxes or tickets. Those municipalities that buy Model S police cars or executive cars will be helping the economy of scale for Tesla buyers... Plus think about the property tax increases you are averting when petrol costs increase...


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    "assembled in North America and at least 55% North American parts content,"

    Be careful here. Because of the high cost of the batteries sourced from Panasonic in Japan the Model S might not qualify. It didn't qualify for duty free entry into Canada because of that issue.
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    It meets the 55% standard, but not the NAFTA 65% one.
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    Arg, did it again. Try once more:

    It meets the 55% standard, but not the NAFTA 65% one.
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    "Arg, did it again. Try once more:"

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    "<i> Jewsh
    The lack of an edit function is truly heinous. >:/"

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  • Well the letter was crafted to promote PHEV and BEVs made in North America, not specifically Tesla Model S, though I did mention the Model S. If I only promoted MS than my motives would be questioned. I hope others here customise the letter for their own Cities/Counties/States to encourage fleet sales. There are a lot of smart and successful people on these forums no doubt major shareholders or decisionmakers in companies or organisations - the same policy could be applied for purchasing company cars too, the MS will make a great car for executives and college presidents...

    All of us are taxpayers and have elected representatives but also we are alumni and shareholders... If just 10% of local governments, companies and universities adopted this policy think about what the fleet sales results would be. If you are a greenie, the tonnes of CO2 saved. As taxpayers, the longterm fleet fuel and maintence savings...
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