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Tesla 17" Display Operating System

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Was sitting in the car looking for on the web browser and when the page opened got the message that Flash Player needed to be installed. I clicked the link and got a list of operating Linux systems and a couple I didnt recognize. Didn't install because I didn't know which system to pick.

1. Can I install browser software add-ons?
2. What is the correct operating system for the Tesla MS?


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    OS is Linux. You can't install most (all?) add-ins. They don't want anything that can display video (I believe to comply with US regulations).
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    If the system can be updated which Flash should I choose:

    Hope these pictures show up



    If they don't here are the choices:
    YUM for Linux
    .tar.gz for other linux
    .rpm for other linux
    APT for Ubuntu
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    No video updates possible.
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    I suppose it's worth a try but I'd be amazed if it worked. At a minimum you'd need root (administrator) permissions to install. I haven't fooled around with mine yet - too busy driving it.
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