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Hey all. Car enthusiast from Connecticut here.

Anyways, my family and I have no qualms about switching to an electric vehicle, but it's near impossible to find one in our price range and in the type of car we want. For an example, I tend to prefer sport compacts with a soft spot for hot hatchbacks. We tried getting in on the Mini-E program back in 2008 but were denied because we don't live in California, New Jersey, or New York. For those who don't know, BMW/Mini leased 500 all electric 2 seater Mini Coopers called the Mini-E to people in the aforementioned states. To this day, I drive an Ecotec powered (L61) Saturn Ion sport compact (Don't mock. I have over $3,000 into this thing, and you'd never know from looking at it. Sleeper-style ;) ).

The next time we had a chance at an electric vehicle was in 2011, when my father needed a new vehicle. We were looking at a Chevrolet Volt, but couldn't get one. The problem wasn't price, but rather that my father has hip and back issues which kept him from getting into it. As a result, he got a 2011 Chevy Silverado instead (we wanted the hybrid but the dealer refused to order one) because we also do a bit of camping. It's frustrating waiting for the electric car market to catch up, and I think that Tesla has the best chance of fulfilling these markets.

Do any of you think Tesla will eventually come out with a sport compact/hot hatch or a pick up truck with 4 wheel drive? Tesla, come out with a car in each of those categories and we'll snap them up. If not, I may just pick up an old hatchback and convert it to electric. I'd rather not as I'm no electrical engineer.


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    There will be revealed more variants that will have the same skateboard platform as the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X. Elon Musk has said that he wants to reveal one model every year. I am not sure if that really is possible, but if he really wants it, then he will really make it happen. But anyhow, there will be at least one new model in less than 2 years time (48 months). Just be patient, because he will deliver.
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    Thanks. It's just frustrating waiting for the market to catch up. If I were more into electronics, I'd have probably converted some random sport compact years ago to all electric. What would be cool is if Tesla offered idiot-proof conversions for popular past platforms.
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    Tesla Motors did invest a lot of effort, time, energy, money etc. to realise the Tesla Roadster, which originally was the Lotus Elise (ICE vehicle). Therefore I do not expect Tesla Motors offering "idiot-proof conversions for popular past platforms" any time soon.

    And I think that it would be better to wait for the Tesla Gen3, instead of convert old platforms to electric. I do not know what other people think of your idea?
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    TWC seems to think TMC's goal is like his: produce a car that impresses car buffs. To the extent it ever does that, it does so only as a means to an end, or incidentally. To persuade the public to drive electric and thus, Elon thinks, save the planet from the off chance that CO2 is harmful (IMO, it is not), he has to produce electric cars they want, and sell millions.

    Catering to conversion buffs is not a way to that goal. They are an insignificantly tiny portion of the population, with little clout.
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    Along the way, he concluded he needed to produce "the best car in the world" (in all the dimensions that matter, he adds. And his definitions of "matter" include technology, ride, safety, etc. Unfortunately, perhaps, they do not include parking sensors.)

    I doubt there is anyone (except certain probable trolls who shall remain nameless) here who doubts that he's produced the best value per auto dollar by a wide margin. The discussion with the rest of the world is just beginning on the issue!
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    Some Tesla followers seem to think that Tesla will never develop lower-priced cars, and that they will basically always stay in the realm of a BMW like line-up. The in-development Bluestar has probably a $30,000 price tag as its base. So it's steal not an affordable car for many people.

    Personally, I don't necessarily think it would be weird for Tesla to develop a whole range of cars from cheap to luxury, be it all under the same brand, or under newly created brands. There are many other industries with companies like that (and a few other car manufactures too, like Hyundai). It's not really that strange. However, even if that does happen, I feel that's many years away, more than ten. We're still in the early adopter phase IMO.

    However, even if it's not Tesla that eventually develops the cheap, yet fully capable cars, I still feel that if Tesla succeeds, someone will be doing it. It could be Tesla partnering with other auto makers and selling their powertraing technology, or it could simply be competitors who are finally catching up.
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    lol, not sure how I managed that, but:
    steal = still
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    Hey TommyTwinCams, you might have to change your name. How about TommyTwinCoils?
    Or TommyTwinBrushes?
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    Lol. It's been my screen name for a long while, and my current car does have twin cams so it's fitting. I would love to be an early adopter. The problem for me is price.
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    @dstiavnicky - Sorry, there's no brushes either. Tesla (and others) use an AC induction motor - originally conceived by Nicola Tesla which is where they took their name from...
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