External battery charger

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I will have no way to charge my car where I have to park it. I was hoping someone could point me to a battery that I could charge in my home, then take to my car and plug it into my charge port. The output for this battery could be 110 or 220 volt. I have looked around the internet and I could not find one.

Thank you for any help.


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    If you do a search on, you will find some threads about installing charging ports outside. Generally, they involve running cables from a building and installing a receptacle on some kind of post.

    I really don't know if anyone makes a battery charging system like what you are asking for. To charge the car, even partially, you would need a pretty good sized battery.
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    It has to be a mobile battery. I live in an apartment complex with no assigned parking.
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    Do you have a charging station where you work that you could use?

    I don't think they make batteries much bigger than those in the S. Not small enough for you to carry into your house anyway. I hear Airbus is getting rid of their Li Ion batteries, perhaps they'll sell you a couple. ;-)

    Could you have an outlet mounted on a pole installed where you park? Or is it public street parking?
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    That could be an option, but I am a consultant and bounce between headquarters & client locations on a week by week basis.
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    Damn, olan beat me too it. ;-)

    Have you talked to your apartment manager about installing a place for you to charge?

    Maybe there's a public charger within walking distance of your apartment?
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    No, he doesn't even stay in the same apt. 2 weeks running; he means REALLY mobile.

    shua, there is no solution for you except charging stations. You can use the MS where they are available.
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    Oh yes. I see what he means now. Ugh. Not ideal circumstances for a BEV. Yup, look for public charging stations around where you'll be living/working. Hopefully there's one within walking distance. This will obviously take some planning but you should be able to make it work.

    Let us know how you work it out.

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