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100% Market Share in Silicon Valley

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I hope this hasn't been posted previously:

As outlandish as this article may seem, I've seen seven different Model S Teslas in my 'hood (Santa Monica/Venice/MDR) in the last four days (five in a 24-hour period). While I didn't consciously count other brand new (plateless) luxury sedans, I can safely say that these Teslas represented a good portion of such cars that I saw over that period. Happy and bummed about this at the same time. Happy that Tesla is gaining ground in this area; sad that mine will be old hat by the time it's delivered.


  • I agree with the article.

    I made the trip from LA to Palo Alto this weekend in my Model S. At one of the superchargers I met another Tesla owner who happened to work for Apple. He told me there are currently 27 Tesla Model S owners working at Apple! I'm sure the number is growing daily.
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    This is not scientific, but my guess is California accounts for 40-50% of all the Model S delivered thus far. I expect that % to drop rapidly as the months roll by.

    I own one, and now that our eyes are trained to spot Model S from far away, we see them every day in Nor Cal. I am one of 2 regulars in the building I park. The building next door has 3 regulars. My son's school has 2 others. My son went to another school for sports and saw 4 in 30 minutes.
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    Putt-putts: "The aliens have landed! They are among us!"
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    In my small 4500 person town on the peninsula, I drove past 4 teslas on the 3 mile drive from my house to my morning caffeine dealer on the other side of town. One had plates, 3 with temporary stickers. I did see a new A8 a few weeks ago, but a VERY high percentage of new cars are Model S.
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    This is not at all scientific but I have not seen another Tesla in Berkeley since I got mine at the end of January. Plenty of Leafs and Prius(es?) however. My guess is that the Model S is a bit too flashy for all the old hippies that live here.
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    got to go to the palo alto store last weekend, took a test drive and saw two teslas on the road during test drive, great car. took some money out of investments on monday and paid fed taxes, ouch. will have to wait until next jan. to keep the taxes down before i order. s or x ? cant wait.
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    Driving through Newport Beach last night in my white S I spotted 2 other white S's in a very short period of time. White seems to be the most common color. Please people, diversify, pick other colors!!!! HaHa
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    I work for a relatively small company in San Jose. As of this morning, there are 3 Tesla Model S's in the parking garage (my Sig, another Sig Red MS, and a beautiful Silver Production).

    My retiring President has ordered one.

    Our VP of Sales has ordered one.

    And, 2 other Engineering Managers have ordered theirs.

    There are approx. 1000 people in the building!

    That's what I call, Market share!!!!

    For Sure!!!!

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    Hard to extrapolate, because the % of owners "inspiring" others to reserve is hard to verify, but if most of those new owners repeat the process when they receive theirs, TM has an exponential explosion on its hands!
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