Used Roadsters being sent to California?

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Interesting that a few people have been trading in Roadsters for Model S's... Frankly I do not understand the mentality of that... If you need a sedan, buy the Model S in addition... Keep your roadster, it is a work of art and in the long term collectible and a fantastic car to own.

Anyways, the Tesla Store said they were shipping most of the used Roadsters back to California... Is it that there is so much demand for them there? Is there an investor buying up all the available ones for his time capsule to resell them for 5 times as much when they become more historically important? Is there a secret plot to crush them like EV1s?

It would make sense to keep them dispersed to save shipping costs.

Just curious...


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    Saving costs is one thing, but "factory refurbished" is another. Things like adding the Double DIN and sound reduction kits are probably a good idea. Trick out the roadster and then send them out to the "stores" seems like a good plan to me. By showing the Roadster along side the sedan they can show design history and that Tesla is not a "one hit wonder."

    Tesla would not crush them. I understand they have been buying even wrecked ones for possible part reuse.

    Parts might be a big deal for the Roadster as manufacturing is not happening. As an owner I hope they can maintain the car and parts for a long time.
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    Was just joking about the EV1 crushing conspiracy... TM is not stupid like GM was...

    I hope they continue to support the classic Roadster, it is a wonderful car. I regret not buying one when I had the money for it back in 2010... I did think about it but did not go for it... The investment I made instead lost money and had I went for the roadster it would be saving me on petrol to this day...
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    The certified pre-owned program does help keep the daydream alive. I'm now seriously considering a Model S, but I'm also at least thinking about the Roadster, which was a dream car for me back when it first went into production.

    Some of the pre-owned ones are no more costly than what I'm driving now--and cheaper when one factors in gas vs. plug-in. But, these cars are five years old. How well does the battery hold out over time? Can a five-year-old Roadster 1.5 still get around 200 miles between charges?

    The range matters, because I have a 100 mile commute on average twice a week each direction. Some of my work places are a three hour drive away. An all-electric car would go a long way towards reducing my carbon footprint, but with these distances, Tesla is the only option. I'm also fond of performance luxury and cool sports cars. Thankfully, Tesla Motors has that covered with a vengence.

    The 85 kWh Model S seems the most fit for the longer trips, but if the Roadster after five years can still hold most of its range, then my usual work places are accessible; I drive over, plug into a regular outlet, and trickle power while I work 12 or 24 hours, and then drive back. Gas stations become places to get coffee and use the bathroom.
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    I have a 4 year old Roadster and can still make a 200 mile trip. Especially if you can charge at your destination you should be fine unless you need much heat or A/C.
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