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Hi, we have the high power station, is there a power meter device that can be plugged between the car and the power station plug to meter how much power we are using to charge the car?


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    I don't think there is. The only solution I've read about is installing a completely separate metered line.

    I found this thread over at

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    If you are talking about Model S, go to Controls>Settings>Units & Format and change charging units from distance to energy. That will give you a readout of kWhs used/consumed during each charging session. Keep a log.
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    Thanks for the info, we do have a model S, so I will have to check out the controls option. Does it have a way to keep a log internal to the car?
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    @brianvh - I didn't see any logging feature, but that would be a nice software enhancement, and maybe not too hard to incorporate.
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    You can also add something like the TED5000 in your breaker panel, and monitor just the line you want. I have one in the main breaker panel, and also one in the garage subpanel. The garage has a few other circuits, but mostly it captures just the LEAF and Model S charging. Since I previously collected data on the LEAF, I can back that out of the data to get the Model S's charge profile.

    Regarding logging, you can connect over the remote API (the same one used by the mobile apps) and collect some data there, but the granularity is pretty poor (integral kW going into or out of the battery).
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    The breaker idea sounds interesting, i will see what I can find on the TED5000. Thanks
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