Tesla Service Centers Suggestions!!!!

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Owning a Tesla vehicle I would expect the service to be prestigious as it is with my Mercedes Benz service. Here is a few things to expect when visiting my Mercedes Benz service center:

1.) You pull up to the service department and the garage door opens. You pull up and give the attendant your name and he escorts you inside to the waiting area (equipped with TVs, couches, laptop stations(WiFi), and a coffee/beverage bar with baked goods! Shortly after, a service advisor will come find you with an update! My scheduled service was going to take longer than initially scheduled so they put me in a loaner for the day. Phenomenal customer service,

2.) Service Coupons are always on there website ( A/C service, Brakes, Oil Changes, Discounts etc...)

3.) Complementary Car Wash included with every service.


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    Tesla already give you free oil changes for the life of the vehicle!
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    Ask the Mercedes dealer to service your car in your garage... that is for me the ultimate pampering of customers.
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    Tesla cannot do an annual service of the Roadster in my garage(3 car garage) as per service center. It must be brought into the service center in order to have the annual service done, being that a lift is needed to complete the service.

    Mercedes will bring a loaner car to my home, pick up my Mercedes , service it, return it to me at no additional cost. Instead of your entire day being washed because the Roadster annual service takes a good 4 hours and then you need another 3 hours to charge(If the service center has a HPC). My Tesla service Center does not have an HPC, so you would need to add an additional 6 hours for charging. that is a total of 10 hours.

    I love my Tesla, it's just the service is not what you would expect when you think of how much money these car cost.
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    I'm just happy that I will never have to deal with a dealership again. I see all the latte machines, donuts, couches and the like and I see is money flying out of my pocket unnecessarily.

    The car wash is something that I would expect though. I would think that Telsa would want every car going out the door looking its best.

    I don't understand the coupon statement. Was the whole original post intended to be sarcastic but it went over my head?
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    The quality of the service depends not only on the brand of the car, but the dealer itself. I took my Porsche to the dealer to get an oil/filter change. $350 later the car as muddy footprints on the inside. Another time, it was a service that took a couple of days and when they returned the car it was all dusty inside and outside. Where I live, Mercedes service vary from dealer to dealer. Best service where I live is Lexus/Toyota.

    I would rather not deal with car dealers and even routine oil changes, fluids, etc. Once the Tesla Model S design gets optimized, hopefully there will be no routine maintenance. I would like to see tires that inflate automatically as tire pressure goes down. Bad roads, pot holes make my state look like some 3rd rate country roads. Front alignment, etc is important here.
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    > Tesla cannot do an annual service of the Roadster in my garage(3 car garage)
    > as per service center. It must be brought into the service center in order to
    > have the annual service done, being that a lift is needed to complete the service.

    Wait, what? I hope that's not true... I'd better ask about that before I pick a service plan!
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    bummer - Tesla ranger service is fiction... I am with GeekEV on this one.

    - "at no additional cost"... just means it is already priced in.
    - ICE shops are very greasy... car wash is a must, so you do see the greasy finger prints

    Seems like the Mercedes advertising is working for you.
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    Because rangers can't do everything, they can't do anything? Logic FAIL.
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    I would hope Tesla would never have such comfy dealer service centers. Why? Because that means they are taking way too much of owners money for service.

    Your Mercedes dealer can provide such comforts because that's how dealerships make their money, on service, not on the sale of the vehicle.

    If that's how Tesla plans to make money, I don't want one. One of the supposed benefits of an EV is it's dramatically decreased cost of maintenance.
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    Brian - got it you can't lift the car in my garage, but then pick up the car and bring it back. That's how I would understand Ranger service. I would gladly pre-pay for the Ranger service and never use it (live close) just to have the peace of mind that just in case I could actually use it.
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    So, what your saying is that you expect a 10 year old car company with a total of 2 car models made since inception, to have a service center on the level of Mercedes Benz? That seems a little lofty at the moment. When Mercedes Benz were only 10 years old were they up to their "now" standards?

    Also, aren't you technically "paying" for all that "pampering service" whether you use it or not? I mean how much profit does Mercedes take on each vehicle. Im guessing a lot.
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    I think the big issue here is the $600 dollar a year "inspection" fee. Why isn't anyone talking about this?

    You are talking a about a car that effectively doesn't need any servicing yet they charge a lot more than any high end dealership be it BMW, Mercedes or even Porsche would charge for actual oil change. Let's not forget that this has to be paid yearly or else your warranty gets voided.

    As Eleon would say: I think Tesla went Russian on this issue.

    Check out this article.
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    Your fundamental assumptions are false, so all your conclusions are also. Talk to a Roadster owner about what a TM annual inspection looks like. Unlike with ICE companies, it more resembles a tear-down and replacement of anything suspicious than a walk-around checklist-ticking.
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    very difficult for me to get my S class serviced for less than $500.00. If you have the slightest thing wrong besides regular service that number usually tops $1000.00. You need to get your car serviced at least 3x per year so the $600.00 everyone is talking about doesn't sound that bad to me. I'm told this includes brakes as well. Get a brake job done on your S class and see what that cost.
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    Brian, my "assumptions" are based on the article that I posted. That is all the information that I have to go on. Although you have to admit that the article does have a few valid points, especially when it compares the inspection to the scheduled services of other premium brands, including the volt's servicing schedule. Are you sure this inspection resembles more to a tear-down than a check list ticking? What you are talking about resembles more to an aircraft service with thousands of moving parts not an EV... What I am pointing out is the lack of transparency on what the annual inspection entails. If that money is going to be used to finance other stuff like the supercharger network or even to open more service centers or to pay for the rangers transportation I don't have any problems with that, let’s just be clear about it. I just think TM should make it clear what the annual inspection is all about. One of the main upsides of EV's is the low maintenance costs; you cannot argue that and then charge 600 dollars a year on preventive care. What's the point?

    I want TM to succeed more than anybody, but I don't think setting a compulsory 600 dollar annual checkup is helping the overall value of the Tesla brand, it gives the impression that the car is not reliable enough and needs to be thoroughly inspected every year at a relatively high cost, even if you compare it to ICE premium vehicles. This is constructive criticism and I'm not the only one that has picked up on this issue. This should be addressed soon by TM.

    To Frank: A break job on a Tesla? Its going to be years before those brakepads wear down, you bearly use your brakes due to regen braking. You are telling me that the 600 dollars that you will be paying for a MINIMUM of 5 years before you have to change the breaks are to make up for the brake change of the Tesla? A 3000 dollar break job, then? Ok...
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    There you go again. The Supercharger network is so cheap it's almost free -- a fraction of a small advertising budget, one-time (Solar City runs and makes money off of off-setting arrays, so it has nothing to do with TM finances.)

    The assumptions, regardless of where they came from, are 100% erroneous.
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    I wasn't making any assumptions. I know the super charger stations will pretty much end up paying for themselves. I was just using it as an example to try to make a point. What does the 600 dollars pay for exactly? What exactly does the annual inspection entail? No assumptions, actually the opposite, just questioning? If you know or anyone else does, please share.

    On the other hand I agree that the non dealership, service center approach is very innovative and further helps reduce costs. This is certainly going to give TM and advantage over any other automaker.
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    Your entire analysis of the inspection and service process is flawed. I repeat, talk to Roadster owners.
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    Ok, I will.
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    Brian H,

    I don't know any Roadster owners, so I have no way to talk to them about thier service experience. How about filling us in? I think frmercado's assumpitons are pretty fair - could you tell us why they are not? Doing a full tear down of the car during each inspeciton, doesn't seem to make a lot of sense for a low maintenance system (including a car).
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    I didn't say full tear down. But critical systems are opened up and inspected in depth, AFAIK. It's far from the quickie once-over you seem to be assuming and implying. For one thing, TM really wants to know and document how parts and systems are holding up over time and with accumulated mileage.

    In sum, they are not just trying to extract the most money for the least effort.
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    I've had a Roadster Sport for three years, and I know of no "teardown." And, remember that much of the status of systems is available wirelessly. One difference, I believe our annual inspections were free so long as we were under warranty. Rangers will come get your car, service it and bring it back, but I believe the MS is charging $100 for that.
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    The cost was $600 for the yearly maintenance for the Roadster.
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    Please check out the latest pre paid service plans that were announced. I just signed up including the tire and wheel replacement plan.
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