My MS arrived!

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Got home delivery Thursday on my metallic blue, tan int, 85 kWh, tech pkg, 19" wheels, active susp. space craft. I could not be happier. I agree with some previous post about some of the "small stuff"... vanity mirrors, lack of interior storage, etc. But, when it comes to what matters - how it looks, drives, features and functionality it is a screaming HOME RUN. This is absolutely the coolest car on the planet. I want to pose a question to the CEOs of the other car companies... Have you driven this car? If not, why not? If so, are you extremely impressed and maybe a little scared? I have not bought TSLA yet but am seriously considering it now. While I completely appreciate that Elon & Co. still have a massive hill to climb in taking on the entrenched competitors and more importantly the masses that consider the MS too expensive and are nervous about the whole EV shift (range anxiety, charger availability, etc.). But, I find the car so compelling that it would seem a good probability that Mercedes, BMW or perhaps even Toyota would want this technology and luxury car segment enough to spend the roughly $5B that it take to buy TSLA. Not a huge price for what I believe is the future of the automobile. When you think about how it has replaced a huge, inefficent, poluting, noisy engine with a in-line motor smaller than a beer keg and battery pack on the bottom, isn't it a huge Duh, this is way better?! Is the car expensive? Aabsolutely. This was not a small expenditure for me. But, I have gotten to the point of being able to afford a nice car and up until about 6 months ago, was figuring it would probably be either a BMW series 7, Mercedes S class or Audi A8. Up till now, I have been driving mainly Toyotas and low end Lexus'. When I watch car commercials now and they talk about their "leading edge technology" it makes me laugh.

My biggest worries... that someone will hit my car, will this get so popular that you have to wait at the charging stations and will I ever be able to leave it with a valet (I honestly don't think I can yet).


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    It just gets better.
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    I feel the exact same way and my wife and I are in very much the same situation. We could've gotten a beautiful and very sport BMW or Lexus, but now I can't see myself buying any more ICE-based cars.


    Enjoy your car!
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    I sincerely hope no major succeeds in buying TM for a long, long time. Because they lack the will and profit structure to develop the tech or market it properly, and would likely sacrifice it to their existing product and profit lines.

    TM needs to get big enough to FORCE the change in the marketplace, before it is swallowed and destructively digested.
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    Enjoy the car! It just gets better.
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    Make me drool why don't you.

    Luckily, Tesla was smart enough to remove the possibility of a takeover. I'm pretty sure I read at the bottom of the Q3 report that they have poison pills in place to discourage anyone from taking it over, which is essential. Also, as long as Elon and/or a few die hard Tesla believers who are immune to the prospects of making a quick buck, a hostile takeover is not possible. Also, you mentioned Mercedes, BMW or Toyota buying it to acquire the technology... I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence you named these three, but you know they have agreements to use Tesla technology in their own cars. So although that may limit their profit margin, they still get to make and sell Tesla-powered cars so they win too. No doubt someday most other automakers will be kept awake longer than usual by Tesla, not clear if this is happening already. One the one hand, Tesla is all over the internet if you care to see it, on the other even GM, the biggest car company at the time, failed to "anticipate" consumer demand and crushed the EV1 to focus on making Hummers and other monstruosities that nobody wanted with oil at $100 to $150. I wish for all companies that at one point tried to hold back progress and electric cars, to fail (and not be bailed out again). That's how it should work. Oh, and can I borrow you car?
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    I wouldn't want anyone to take over Tesla. I believe that one of the biggest benefits to owning a Tesla is the mission, vision, values and integrity that stands behind it.

    Without that track record, I doubt that I would have made the leap of faith and ordered the Model S.

    I like the dealership-free experience for purchasing and servicing too.
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    Note that MB has "right of first refusal" on any control share offer.
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    Excuse me, Brian, who's MB?
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    I took delivery of my Black 60K, tech package, air suspension piece of art on 3/24/13. With tax it was $81,250 "out the door" Now let's do some math. $7500 Federal rebate up to $2500 state rebate and "fuel savings of $8756 over a 5 year period. Now we are at $62,000, I submit that the TS is a "Deal" I've owned luxury cars 3's, 5's,7's E's and a A6 and the TS surpasses them all, in luxury, looks and . . . performance WOW!

    The sweetest part, the solar panels on my home are rated to run the house and 12,000 miles per year on the car, so my savings are even more.
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