Brief delivery report

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So we picked up my wife's car yesterday (she dubbed it 'KITT'.. anyone over 35 will get that).

The DS was in from Denver, as they haven't hired a local person yet (Atlanta). He was very helpful and the experience was great. He was surprised when I showed up with a massive checklist and questions (thanks, forum!) from other people's experiences. Well, I went down the whole checklist.. and all was good!

None of the issues others have found (frayed headliner, ill-adjusted doors, etc). They had charged the car to full with our own UMC cable, so we knew that worked (also had the 6-50 adapter already in the car.. which I needed!).

The wife had never seen/touched one before. She had seen the pictures and read the details and had wanted one - and then I got to crawl through one for a few hours so she decided to make the leap of faith. The 'mind blown' look on her face during the delivery was priceless.

Oh, and the whole way home - I could see her in my rear-view mirror.. wearing a Tesla grin.


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    Hey, I'm not over 35, and I used to love Knight Rider!
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    Know what KITT or KARR actually stood for? Wasn't what I thought initially.
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    wasn't it 'knight industries two thousand'?
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    Yup. KARR was Knights Automated Roaming Robot.
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    Whups, that should be "Autonomous". Stupid autocorrect -.-
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