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I am amazed at the progress Tesla has made in just a few years.
There commitment getting electric vehicles for all is amazing.
How many miles these vehicles can go on one charge is astounding.
I can't wait to see 500 or even 1000 miles on a charge, it will
happen because of the dedicated people at companies like Tesla.


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    Yep, at least the intention is there, which is more than we can say for a lot of other auto manufacturers, and we've already seen some of what they can do, so it sure looks promising. Not fool-proof, but promising. You have to bet on the right side when we are talking about technology (battery) that is expected to increase in performance while decreasing in price or cost. The big difference with other technological hopes is that this one is already practical now and is being used and manufactured, which will help with those goals better than any R&D budget alone ever could.
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    Yes, for one thing TM is gaining immense amounts of performance and durability data from the pool or fleet of operating vehicles, rising rapidly, and seems capable and motivated in exploiting it.
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