Damage from Tesla super charger clip failing

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Tragedy at the Harris Ranch supercharger. Yesterday afternoon - one car ahead of us. Only a few minutes wait.
They unplugged, replaced the cable in the holder and pulled away. We pulled in, charged successfully, unplugged, replaced the cable, put a few things away in the frunk, went to get in the car and bang!the cable popped out and hit the side of the car leaving a dent.

After careful inspection, found the clip was broken off on one side and the other side was cracked just waiting to break. I was the unlucky user to come along when it decided to fail. I called Tesla. They took all my information and said the Fremont service center would call me about it. I took pictures. Waiting to see what recourse I have to fix the dent.

Hoping to save the next owner from my bad experience, I left the cable hanging
down with a note about the failed clip and possibility of a dent if the cable was replaced. This will undoubtedly be an issue at all chargers after a certain amount of use. Beware!


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    Thanks for the word of warning. Do post back with the resolution. I would be shocked if Tesla didn't step up to fix this for you. It just seems like something they would do.
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    I wasn't that impressed with the clip I saw at the Gilroy charger I used on Sunday. Hopefully they'll fix it for you.
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    How I wish we had Superchargers within 500 miles of where I live. I'd even accept the bad clips...
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    Since there are only 6 in the whole world so far, patience Grasshopper.
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    or 8.
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    8 it is.
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