Tesla superchargers the modern day analog to California Missions

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Fourth graders in California elementary schools are taught that the Missions in California were spaced a day's ride on horseback apart or about 30 miles.

I have found that analogy useful in describing Tesla superchargers. They are located up and down the state about 75 kWh apart or 200 miles and provide the weary traveller and his 400 hp steed with sustenance for the journey ahead.

Wonder if my grandkids will be required to make models of the superchargers in Gilroy or Hawthorne to graduate?


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    I am waiting to see restaurants and coffee shops vie for nearby Superchargers.

    American drivers are going to really resonate with free long distance driving.
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    A there might be an opportunity for a revival of roadside diners.

    Maybe we'll get our kicks on Route 66.
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