Over 300 Mile range for Model S

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Just wondering how many of us are getting better projected mileage than 300 for 85 Kw.

My projected range showed 331 that's 31 over the 300 range and with Standard charge not full charge (long range).

I am driving normally and Tesla regenatoring braking system is super, I hardly am using the brake.



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    Are you using average or instantaneous on the energy screen? I find using average on the 30 mile mode gives you a more accurate longer-term projected range.
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    Average screen and 39 miles!
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    Wow, you must be a pretty efficient driver! What's your Wh/mi (left hand side)?
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    Are you a super-hypermiler? ; )

    I guess energy efficiency can vary more for an EV than for an ICE (which always sucks for the latter).
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    depends on where you are when you see that, I have seen projected range of 999 miles! after a long downhill, and I did not even have time to take a photo before it went back down. so if you are seeing this in normal, flat oad driving, then you are doing something most of us are not doing. so do you see this all the time? or only once in a while?
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