21st Century Slug Bug

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I recently updated everybody's favorite road trip game. I call it Tesla Slap. Basically, the same rules apply. My two boys love it!


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    Tesla causes violence in children ... and cancer. Terrible product, should be banned forthwith. For the children.
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    The best memories I have of my youth are of road trips. Mom and Dad would let us play in the way back of the station wagon, Dad's second hand smoke filled the interior. My brother and I would punch each other as hard as we could whenever we spotted a Bug.
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    Yes, we called it "Punch Bug".
    There was also, "I spy", "Animal, mineral, or, vegetable", and, "What's in that field?"
    Ah yes, Dad's second-hand smoke, mom passed out on Gravol, brother and sister annoying each other in the back seat, and of course that, chicken in a can for lunch (it has since been banned, I think.)...
    What memories.
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    My youngest brother decided at about age 3 that sheep were "woolly bums", so counting those got elevated to a sport ...
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    My nephews played a variation of Slug Bug they called PT Pinch. Every time they saw a PT Cruiser, one would pinch the other. I remember seeing some remarkable welts and bruises on that vacation.
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