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How do you pronounce Tesla? Tezla? Tessla?

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When I bought a Porsche I was abused by friends for making sure to use the correct pronunciation of "Porsha" pronunciation rather than the layman's "Porsh". What about Tesla. Elon seems to pronounce it Tezla. Internet research seems divided. In 3 weeks when my red S (or is it pronounced Z?) arrives I want to make sure to use the correct pronunciation when people ask what kind of car it is and who makes it.


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    Elon pronounces it as Tezla if i'm not mistaken.
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    Elon pronounces it Tezla, but it's named after a person and his name is properly pronounced Tesla just like it's spelled. Take your pick.
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    This is a real poser.
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    I believe this pronunciation is correct:

    Hey! Elon can't be right about EVERYthing!
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    You have to remember that Elon is from Zouth Africa...
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    +1 @Jken3 I think it all has to do with Elon's accent. I think Franz says it with a "z" sound too.
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    The Brits also pronounce it Tezla - at least on Top Gear they do.
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    It is definitely not Tel-sa. ;p
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    Tesla Motors is not the name of the man, that's just the name of the company, and that's why I call it Tesla (with a hat tip to Arlo).
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    Brits will call it anything depending on where you happen to be in the UK. I know because I am a Brit and I could not understand anyone who lived more than 50 miles away!

    We can and will butcher all sorts of words for you ...
    Other pronunciations that you are likely to hear on the Isle.. although none here is offered in Queens English..

    Ears a lifte ofe wouurds in reawl Engleash.


    and so on...
    I never could figure out why southern Brits (I am one) have so few "T"'s!
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    OK, so just so happens I'm working with a Serb at the moment. Since old Nikola was Serbian-American, can we agree the Serbian pronunciation is the correct one? My buddy says it's tess-la. No Z.

    That said, names are always funky. It's up to their owners to pronounce them as they please, no matter how silly. Nikola may have pronounced it "turkey sammich" for all we know.
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    I pronounce it: "Sweet"
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    In fact, Nikola Tesla is such a big deal in Serbia, he's actually on BOTH sides of their 100 Dinar note. Along with the formula for one Tesla unit: T = Wb / m squared.

    Today's exchange, that's about a buck seventeen.
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    Tes-Lah. Anything else is wrong :P
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    There's a Kevin Pollak Chat Show episode with Elon on Youtube, and I thought in the first minute or two or three of the Elon Musk segment I heard Kevin pronounce the company name with an S and not a Z and ask Elon if it was correct, and was reassured by Elon that that's absolutely correct. Between that and hearing how Elon pronounces it, I think both the S and the Z count as correct enough.
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    I noticed Jay Leno, one of the most well known car guys, say "Porsh" in his show. Not sure if he deliberately did that for his average audience though.
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