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Hi everyone,
I'm a graduate student working on a project to evaluate Tesla's website usibility.

I'm trying to outline areas of the website that is hard to use:

1- Have you had a hard time using something?
2- What frustrated you and didn't allow you to do what you needed to do Easily and Quickly?

This, may infact result in improving Tesla's website in the near future.

Thank you


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    More functionality please, just like on the forum of Tesla Motors Club. Have a look there please. Thanks for doing this.
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    Thanks. I'll include what I find there.

    But in the exciting functionality of the website, is there any area
    That's frustrating to use?
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    Im being redirected to this lik and it doesnt seem to work. Page not found. I cant find any other way to see Investor Relations. Its a dead end for me. Im from Czech Republic/Europe. (I know this is just an technical issue)
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    I can no longer save a Model S in the Design Studio.

    It seems to have happened when they added the financing capability to the pricing area. There is no longer a "Save" button.

    This makes it harder to save a dream car inside My Tesla, and also have a "what can I really afford" car.
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    No search function in the forums! A work-around has been created ( but it would sure be nice if that was built in.
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    TM seems to have set this "forum" (tweaked and butchered blog comments, really) for minimum functionality and involvement.
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    +1 Noah

    No tags on discussion. No searching. No way to say the discussion is "complete"
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    On My Tesla Garage. Status immediately moves to "The Tesla Factory is Building your Model S". If that is true, the factory has been building it since September 2012. Need an intermediate stage. "Your Model S is pending <something appropriate here>"
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    As you probably already noticed, a spell check or edit button would be nice.

    It seems that people ultimately move over to TMC forums once they start looking for more detailed information because the forums there are more active, well organized and full featured. Experts are plentiful there and they are generous with their time. Trolls are not as big of a problem there either.

    I wouldn't expect Tesla Motors to invest much effort into these forums when TMC has done a great job for them already. Tesla monitors TMC closely.
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    Internationalisation is patchy (US Centric) -

    I've put my country/address details, but prices are still shown in USD when I go to design studio and click on "Cash" rather than financing.

    Federal Tax Credit - why do the design studio prices always include this (surely this is not applicable to international buyers?).

    For some reason, I can't get the design studio to remember my paint colour, no matter how many times I change it
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    Tesla uses TMC itself as a user reference and posting target as well. It is well aware of the differences, but chooses not to upgrade this one.
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    Is this the Genuine Tesla Motors site? It seems to be, but why am I being redirected to /en_HK/ when I'm in New Jersey? :P

    I was also amused by:

    I'm using latest Chrome on Win7x64, no proxies or anything special.
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    Did you register as being in the US? You can choose your home country.
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    I would like to see in my dashboard, the ability to monitor my Tesla's Charging progress and other critical parameters. Also driving history and performance. I can do this with My Chevy why can't I do this with my high tech Tesla? The Iphone app is nice but would like to access all data possible on my vehicles performance.
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