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I think we need a thread to discuss the new roadster for 2015!!

I hope this is the ultimate machine! I thought we should have a list of must haves
1) I for one would like to see a back seat
2) good size trunk or frunk or both
3) I would like a 0-60 sub 3 secs
4) similar or better range to the model S 85k
5) suicide doors (ok, maybe just an option)
6) full screen
7) Exotic body style
8) bright racing style colors
9) AWD?

just to name a few


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    Retractable hardtop, and in the spirit of performance it should retract raise or lower faster than anything else on the marked (I think a Miata is about 11 seconds).
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    The first thing you need is a realistic date for the new Roadster.

    I believe that when built, the new Roadster will be on the GenIII platform, not on the Model S. Since the GenIII is not expected until 2016 or 2017, I would not expect to see a Roadster until at least 2018 and that may be pushing it.
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    I'd be perfectly happy with keeping it a two-seater. Roadsters in general (not necessarily the Tesla Roadster specifically) are intended as fun-to-drive sports cars rather than practical utilitarian vehicles. Tesla's choice to use a roadster form factor for their proof-of-concept first vehicle was to shock the system with an all-electric vehicle that holds its own, both in looks and specs, next to other "dream cars" typically seen on college dorm posters, straddled by women in bikinis.

    Models S and X are more practical, though they keep that sports-performance edge that will likely remain Tesla's reputation 20 or 30 years from now, when electric cars are the norm. But, we'll still want a car to daydream about, that looks really cool but is hard to get in and out of.
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    You may want it, but it's incidental to the Tesla Master Plan now.
  • Let's look at what is technically possible given all Tesla already has and let a new Roadster exploit that:
    - 4wd using Model X configuration
    + optimal traction
    + ~850 horsepower from 2 motors combined (assuming battery could provide)
    + stretch goal 1: use 4 sprung motors with optimal electronically controlled differential, yaw, regenerative braking, and traction control.
    + stretch goal 2: use an Ultracapacitor to enable short, extremely high power bursts while main Li-ion battery provides main power
    - All cooling provided with Model S to enable sustained hard driving
    - Carbon fiber body to reduce weight
    - Might as well use the Model S chassis. It is already built and is highly optimized.
    - Minimize all unnecessary luxury to "simplicate, then add lightness" [per Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Motors] for a performance version to turn automobile industry upside down.
    - Add luxury features to a different version to make lots of money from elite buyers.
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    Personally, I say keep it simple. Raise the body just enough to provide room for slinging the battery below. Use all the best technological improvements developed over the past years' experiments and experience with the Roadster for the S-Type and go with that. The lower battery will improve handling. Higher chassis and lower battery will increase trunk and interior space. Don't get fancy. You'll have a winner.

    Gery Warner, PEng.
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    If you want electric 0-60mph in under three seconds, check out the electric supercar, the Rimac Automobili Concept_One. It has over 1000hp and goes 374 miles on a charge! Pricetag: $1M
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    Probably not going to happen but if it does..
    (1) T-top best of both worlds
    (2) 0-60 in 3s range isn't a necessity
    (3) Fun > Performance
    (4) AWD can use the computer to limit the horsepower in a Eco/mileage mode
    (5) Very unique body style
    (6) Built for purpose interior
    (7) Try to make it cheap-ish like a Porsche Boxster price-tag maybe uper model 370z starting price if possible
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    I'm excited to see, with the acquisition of Chris Porritt, what he can do with such an open playing field. I'd be happy with a One-77 version but I'm sure he can do better.

    I'm in for the Signature reservation thanks to TSLA.
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    The New Roadster is the best for the transporting the any item. this is the most important thing for the transporting company this is the Roadster is the many Truck or car in available this is the speed for any vehicle.
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    This resembles English somewhat less even than your other incoherent posts. Are you a badly programmed computer?
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    My ideal Roadster 2 would be simple, as Gery said. Battery below and rear wheel drive, just like the S. Two seats. Small overall size. Performance similar to the first Roadster is fine, as is range (though I'd happily take more than that).

    But it needs to be a convertible. Not just a detachable roof panel but a true convertible, in the manner of a Boxster or an Austin-Healey.
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    One model of the new roadster should be a basic convertible with focus on grown up little boys.
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    Of course it is only available only in RED!
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    I would like the following changes, 4-5 inches taller roofline, fender line the same, seats further to the outside, higher seating position. Both will make it easier to get in and out but not detract from the appearance.

    Move up the black bars (speed bump scrapers) at the front and rear of the car closest to the ground, and make them from something flexible.

    Another couple inches of length in the back for more trunk space.

    More reliable PEM cooling, either water cool or better fan and inlet screen for fan.

    Bigger touch screen, maybe 1/2 size of Model S.

    Improved radio reception, built in internet connection like model S

    Cruse control that reset the speed after a stop (like Model S)

    HVAC that lets you set temperature (like model S)

    Update battery and PEM with latest parts so weight is reduced, offsetting the other changes and allowing the same 0-60 time and similar or better range as the original.
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    I had the pleasure of driving, very good.

    <a href="; title="Chat Online" rel="nofollow">Uruguay</a>
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    My Top 10 features for the Next Gen Tesla Roadster:
    1. Power Steering
    2. Longer driver side leg room
    3. Power side view mirrors
    4. Convertible or retractable top
    5. Horn in the middle of the steering wheel
    6. 2.8s 0-60mph
    7. Double battery range
    8. Supercharger compatible
    8. Swappable battery, great for trips and track days
    9. Suicide doors
    10. High tech dash/display
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    1. Roadster means 2 seater to me.
    2. Wider interior.
    3. Retractible hard top
    4. Supercharger compatible
    5. Swapable battery

    That Rimac is incredible! 3800Nm?! Are you kidding me? That's 2800ftlbs. That would definitely snap your head back.
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    A roadster, by definition, is a 2-seater with a retractable and/or removable top.

    A 2+2 is not technically a sports car, but a GT (Grand Touring).

    The wheelbase of the Gen2 platform (S/X) is too long for a roadster, and the Gen3 (E) platform is pushing it.

    HOWEVER the relatively long wheelbase of the Gen3 platform will allow for a REALLY LOW roofline on a roadster, with plenty of interior space. The only limit to how far back the cabin can be placed on this frame, given a very short rear overhang, is that the rear deck needs to be longer than the roof, so the roof panel can retract straight back.

    IF this new roadster is based on the Gen3 platform it does not have to be near as expensive as the original Roadster, so in the interest of keeping purchase price at a reasonable level its body should be aluminum. Carbon fiber bodies, perhaps with a different look, can be offered on a more premium version later on.

    If you want a sporty little Tesla with a back seat, well, perhaps there will be a Model E coupe and convertible.

    AWD? No reason not to have it as an option.

    I've been working on some concepts for Tesla Motors since the beginning of July. Tired of trying to guess which letter might be used for which model, I've decided to start giving them names. Will the new roadster be called the 'Model R'? Perhaps, but for now I'll call this concept 'Jalapeño':

    <im src=;

    Before anyone says anything about the side inlets making it look too much like a Lotus, I've already noticed that and have found an interesting and unique solution for that feature. In this sketch I have also not made the wheelbase long enough... It is a work in progress.
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    A new roadster with seating in the back would be great. Something similar to the Fisker.
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    If it has seating in the back, it's not a roadster.

    Whoa, déjà vu...
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    I only saw one mention of the display. I think a 17 inch screen will give it that hi tech feel, very important in a sports car in my opinion. Competitors will not be able to match that.
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    Please do make another roadster.

    Please do not put seats in the back, it should be a two seater! It also should just be RWD. Roadsters = small, light, "tossable," and fun.
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    "small, light and tossable"......I'd go for that! Love my Miata MX-5 with power hardtop......if I had a trunk and a "frunk" that would be even better.......also would be nice if the new Tesla roadster was "affordable" like the Miata. I think they would be in high demand for sure!
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