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Many, if not everyone on this forum knows the legal battles that face Tesla,and the future of the electric car business. subject of petition= Overturn franchise laws that limit auto manufacturers from selling their vehicles directly to consumers.

Please sign this petition and spread the word so we can do our part and have our say. The goal is 100,000 (as of this time i am the fourth signature) so there is a way to go, but there a lot of people who own a Tesla, or who idolized this company (like myself =) hehe) that really want this company and electric cars to break the mold and change the way we live for the best.


I did not create this petition, but i fell upon it in the comments of this article



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    I joined you in signing. Thanks for the link.
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    very welcome!
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    Curt. +1
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    Elon Musk has now tweeted a request for folks to sign the White House petition.
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    Wow this is great! Thanks for the update! the count is up over 1000! Great stuff. I know we will make it.

    As of this time only 98,958 to go! lol
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    I'm not sure I like the possibility of unintended consequences of government meddling in any laws. But I've hated car dealers, and the franchise laws as long as I've been buying cars. With Tesla, for once in my life I felt like I purchased a vehicle, paid what everybody else paid, and have something that I don't feel like I got ripped off.

    I really think the car dealers have had a good run, but like blockbuster they need to either change, or go the way of the dodo, since nobody likes to sit there and haggle for 1/2 day to a day with some "Bro" about one of the more costly investments in life.

    I supported the petition.
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    If the dealers really provided the benefits and services they claim, it might be another story. But, as Elon said, most are "heinous".
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