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Model X Delayed to 2015

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Looks like deliveries will be delayed until 2015 for the Model X:,0,5843577.story

Although disappointing, it does give me another year of anticipation, which some say is the most under appreciated forms of pleasure in life. Too much of a wait for others?

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    I want to hear that from Tesla :(
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    @ cloroxbb


    And maybe there is one positive side to this:

    "The Motor Trend Car of the Year Award 2015 for the Tesla Model X."

    How about that?
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    The LATimes is reffering to Shanna Hendriks from Tesla as their source. With recent experience from another Times newspaper I seriously doubt they would have made that up themselves.

    "The automaker said that potential customers awaiting its upcoming Model X--billed as the best of an SUV with the benefits of a minivan, in an electric car--were going to have to wait a bit longer.Production on the Model X had been expected to begin late this year, with deliveries beginning in 2014. Production has now been pushed back to late 2014.Hendriks said that the company has been more focused on its battery-powered Model S sedan, with deliveries forecast to rise to a record 20,000 this year."
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    That is very sad news. Have to wait another year for it.
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    This is what Elon said in the video from his stop in Oslo recently too. Or was it George? ;-)

    Actually the statement was that they wouldn't see the X until 2015. Many of us interpreted that to mean Norway wouldn't see them until 2015.

    Bummer for sure. I've been holding off on pulling the trigger on one to see the spec and choose between that and an S. Yes I know I can change the reservation. I'll be getting off the fence soon for sure.
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    As long as its not vapor ware, I'll be happy.


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    Only way that happens is if the S sales dry up.

    There's always a chance for that but we hope not!
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    Like others, I am disappointed to hear this secondhand and wish Tesla would put something out to those of us with $$ sitting there for a Signature Series.
    I have a deposit down on the Model S and switched to Model X but if I am to wait until 2015, I would like Tesla to say something on what my options are. I will have been on hold for five years by then.
    Patience has a limit too.. I could opt to get the Model S now and see what happens with the Model X.
    If anyone is listening at Tesla, please say something to your customers...
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    Well, now anyone on the fence on which version they want (s or x) have an easier choice if they are impatient.
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    Bummer news and here is the confirmation:

    Tesla filed this in their 10-k last week.
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    May be now they can get rid of the gull wing doors which are no practical and makes the car look weird. Also, they may be able to offer a battery with a larger capacity. 120 KWhr is a minimum for a 4WD SUV. I would prefer 150 KWhr for real driving.
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    I'm glad i didn't do the rush in and reserve thing.
    I'll be doing a test drive in the S in April and i'm happy to wait till the X comes out to test drive that too. Then I'll do the reserve thing. It gives me time to take a bite out of the final financing number and Tesla time to work out more bugs.
    And thats fine by me too.:-)
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    I was looking forward to getting the car at the beginning of the year, but I am glad that I am able to wait a little, and a few months more is not the end of the world. I have not quite gotten to the point where I 'have' to replace my current vehicle. #1845
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    Instead of second hand information, here is the quote from page 7 of the recently released annual report.

    "In February 2012, we revealed an early prototype of the Model X crossover as the first vehicle we intend to develop by leveraging the Model S platform. This unique vehicle has been designed to fill the niche between the roominess of a minivan and the style of an SUV, while having high performance features such as a dual motor all-wheel drive system. The Model X will seat seven adults. We currently plan to start production of Model X in late 2014. We anticipate that we will make Model X available with 60 kWh and 85 kWh battery pack options, with pricing of each version similar to those of a comparably equipped Model S. We currently intend to target an annual production rate of approximately 10,000 -15,000 cars per year from our Tesla Factory.

    We have also publicly announced our intent to develop a third generation electric vehicle to be produced at the Tesla Factory. We intend to offer this vehicle at a lower price point and expect to produce it at higher volumes than our Model S. We expect that this vehicle will be produced a few years after the introduction of the Model X crossover."
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    Seems like late 2014 for the Model X and Gen III a few years later. Maybe 2017 or 2018?
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    Got a call yesterday from the DC Tesla gallery, Model X is slated to go into production late 2014 with deliveries in 2015. Guess that means another year of waiting...
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    I spoke with a Tesla Ownership Experience Advocate last week and he also confirmed the Model X delay. He says them simply don't have a calendar for the development at this point. He thinks in a best case scenario it will be mid 2014 and late 2014 in a worst case scenario.

    I've been a Model X Signature reservation holder for about 10 months now and sadly don't think I can stomach the thought of waiting another 20 months for a car that I know so little about. We still have no idea what the range will be or if it will be more mini-van or SUV.

    So I have decided to jump ship and get a Model S. I'll keep my Model X reservation (but downgrade it to a production model) just in case it turns out to be the car of my dreams, but in the mean time I plan to enjoy the next two years in a Model S which has a wait time of only 2 months if you're getting the big battery.
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    Jason - You will have no regrets.
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    I own the Model S (waited 1 year) and reserved the Model X (#2,700). I love the falcon doors and logic behind them. They are made this way to make it easier for adults to get in and out, especially for the third row. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved back production dates later this year given that they are already producing 500 Model S per week (according to the latest Tesla company blog update). I am OK waiting until 2015 because I know they will built the best SUV and will think about every little detail. I have complete faith in Elon and the team.
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    @&lt;b>ramymora</b> | MARCH 23, 2013: <cite> I am OK waiting until 2015 because I know they will built the best SUV and will think about every little detail.</cite>

    I'm OK waiting too. My only concern is that the current design/style of the car will be dated in a few years. Hopefully, they will enhance the look to keep up with styling trends.
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    Dated by whom? That would suggest some superior design or technology displacing it. Very unlikely, IMO.
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    @&lt;b>Brian H</b> | MARCH 24, 2013: <cite>Dated by whom?</cite>

    After seeing the same design for a period of time, I find that I get used to it. I think that's true for most people. That's why car designers change their design language every 5 years or so. Allot has to do with esthetics, which are subjective. There are many design changes that are functional, but take the rocket fins on 50's cars (please), as an example: mostly not functional, and people got tired of them in short order.
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    I started off with a Model X reservation (#513), but then after seeing the cargo space of the Model S, opted to keep the Model X reservation and also reserve a Model S. I've had the S for about a month now and am really glad I got it. It's just a fun car.
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    It would seem to me that Tesla could proactively communicate to current reservation holders when these announcements are made. It's not as if they don't have my email. (As well as my money.)

    I have a signature series reservation for a model X, #272. I'm not sure that my present BMX X5 will last the extra year. I'll be approaching 200K miles. I might be stuck for the year in the middle. I wonder what they would do for a one year old model S trade in on a model X to fill the gap?
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    The production speed-up of Model S should be a very good signal for quick delivery of Model X, once they start the production.

    For med it looks like Tesla is very focused on not giving false expectations too it's reservation holders. That might turn out positive in the very end, i.e the car is delivered before what is presently communicated. I cross my fingers, since I hope as [email protected], not to be forced to buy a car in the middle (present Saab 9-5 is closing in on a drive to the scrap-yard).
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